Sunday, May 31, 2009


Enjoy a natural kind of shine. This biodegradable cleaner from the makers of Windex® keeps your countertops sparkling and windows streak free—naturally. Simply spray on, wipe and let the plant-based cleaners do their work. You'll enjoy the good feeling that comes from making a smart choice for you, your family and the planet. Ingredients:
Plant-BasedCleaning Agent
A naturally derived cleaning agent that comes from coconut or palm-kernel oils.
Use On:
*Stainless steel

( not to use as Lilly's face cleaner )

(This was taken after meds so it had cleared up quite a bit!)

Yesterday afternoon I was doing some cleaning, I had just wiped some things down with the Windex and then left it on the counter in the kitchen. A few minutes later I had seen Lilly spraying it and wiping the cupboards down, I let her continue, didn't see any harm, it's "Natural" right??? Whats the harm??? Well I'm sure there wouldn't be any harm in it if she hadn't decided to wash her face with it! She came running in the other room crying saying her face was burning, we washed it off and I thought all was good, her face looked fine! I sent her down stairs while I put Preston down for a nap. About an hour later I looked at her face and her cheeks, nose and chin were bright red and her chin was kinda bloody, I had a little panic. I tried washing her face again and she just cried that it was burning, soooo I stuck her in the bath thinkin she'd end up getting it wet and then I don't know ease the pain or something. It didn't help so off to the ER we went. We got in right away and the ultimate diagnosis was just skin irritation, treat with Benadryl and Motrin and wash her face a few times an hour, then if it starts to blister or if she runs a fever bring her back in. Great news, I was scared since I waited so long that maybe it was going to scar her face. Bad news is my crazy daughter loves the ER, of course she does, everyone goo'd and gaa'd over her, gave her stickers, gave her strawberry ice cream and praised her for trying to help mommy today, she ate up every bit of that attention! So when we were waiting for our discharge papers she said "I love the this place, I love the alls my Dr.s" and then tells me she doesn't want to go home she wanted to stay there. She's always had this fascination with Dr.s, we're praying that means she want to be one when she grows up!!

So here she is this morning and it looks like just a little burn to the tip of her nose, the outline of her top lip is burned and now a few scabs on her chin.
Thanks Lilly for always keeping us on our toes!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Thursday evening cookout!

This last Thursday evening Lexi had her end of the year dance cookout. Very low key, food, lots of hanging out, one last dance from the dancers and picking up their trophy!

Half the studio

kids hanging out.

Amelia, Mallory, Lilly, Lexi and Preston snuck his way into the pic!

resting up with dad for a few minutes.

Her trophy for placing 2nd!

It was a fun evening and a perfect way to end the season!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy late Birthday Chris!

Yesterday was Chris's Birthday, 31st Birthday! The day was mostly booked with Lexi's happenings but we were able to sneak off to a movie and a little adult conversation! In all honestly we just wanted to take a nap with the kids after the party but knowing the way life has been lately and knowing whats coming in these next few summer months we chose to suck it up and sneak off for a few hours. We initially thought we'll sneak away when summer dies down but really who are we kidding, we'll be finishing Prestons room down stairs and preparing for the new Miss Fogle, hmmmm maybe we'll have a heck of a anniversary this year??? Ohh probably not because I'll probably be having that new little Miss Fogle and then we all know having a new baby around for the first few months (years) will keep us very busy sooooooooo we definitely took advantage of a few hour break. Chris maybe we should start scheduling for a date next year! Crazy how time is flying!


I honestly can't say enough (yet don't say enough) how incredibly blessed I am to have such an awesome partner in life. I could have never asked for a more hard working, loving dad, and sweetest hubby ever. I can hardly fathom how exhausted he must be taking 100% care of us 24/7 from a roof over our head to kissing boo boos and mending sad little hearts when some little girls can't dress their Barbies, when all a little boy wants is you to press play to watch Batman for the thousandth time in one day and when a wife needs you to rush home from work so she doesn't have to take all the kids to get the "bestest deals ever" that week or is off to scrap night!

We love you bunches!

Thanks Mel once again for the cake!

Graduation day, party, and major pic overload!

The day Lexi was waiting for all week finally came and went! They had a sweet little ceremony for Kindergarten graduation. The gym just beamed with some very proud kindergartners (and parents!). As luck would have it my camera was dieing after about 1 pic so I had to keep turning it on and off and most of the time my flash wouldn't work since there wasn't enough juice but I did manage to get a few not so great pics!

The kids as they were entering the gym.

Them singing us songs.

Man I love that "E"!

She couldn't stop smiling!

We had got Lexi roses and Lilly insisted on giving them to her. She was so cute as soon as the ceremony was over lilly ran down gave her the flowers and gave her a big ol' kiss, so sweet!

Horrible pic but it's the only one I got with my big girl all day!

her little surprise that was waiting for her in the car!

We then headed to the Johnstons for their little graduation/water party that 4 of us moms put together!

Melanie of coarse was in charge of the cakes!

my little graduate!

some bubble fun while they waited for some yummy Costco pizza!

setting up the Slip-N-Slides

They were all so cute and had a blast!

Chris, David and Preston watching all those crazy kids!
It was a really great afternoon with great company!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A School Year Difference!

Today is Lexi's last full day of school, tomorrows graduation! I can't believe how much she has changed over these last 10 months. She's quite the little social butterfly who loves to learn about anything and everything! She's starting to notice some new emotions that's happening to her, I feel for her, but she keeps just pushing through these times of emotion and curiosity. The latest being, she's afraid to turn 7, it's a constant question of "what's going to happen to me"? "Am I going to change"? "Mom are you going to be OK having this baby, I don't want you to cry cause I know it's going to hurt you so bad". She's my little worrier for sure! She is looking forward to the 1st grade though, so excited to meet her new teacher and make even more friends! For now though she's definitely excited to bring on summer, late nights with dad (they're both night owls), sleeping in, road trips, the water and lots of visiting friends and family!
Here she is on her first day and this morning!

what a difference a school year makes.

Way to go Lexi, we're so happy you had a great first year of school!

Slip N Slide

Sunday evening I was feeling a little guilty for sleeping the afternoon away so I got up to find Preston playing in his room and the girls and Chris out front mowing the lawn. So I took Preston out back and we set up the slip n slide! It was so funny watching him cause he didn't know what to do... til the girls and Chris came out back! They all had a blast and played for hours, then slept in the next morning! It was great! Best 5 bucks spent in a long time!

Trying to figure this thing out!

Then dad came and used him like a bowling ball!

He loved it.

as did Lilly...

as well as Lexi!

Even our 3 crazy chickens got in on a little water fun! They are pretty awesome, I was anti chicken but in the end they've been great for the kids. They let them hold them, play on the swing set with them, they don't chew on things and they give us 3 perfect little eggs a day. What an easy animal to have!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day, the official start of summer! Remember to take a moment to reflect on what the Holiday is really all about!

Give thanks to all who have given their lives in service to our great nation. Freedom is not free.

From the bloody, mustard gas poisoned battlefields of World War I to the beaches of Normandy, from the freezing cold of Korea to the rice paddies of Vietnam, from the deserts of Iraq to the mountains of Afghanistan, these brave men/women set aside their own personal hopes, dreams, goals and lives to serve us when we needed them most.
I think we'll be putting a little box together to send to a soldier to try to explain to the kids the real meaning of today! Go here if you wish to do so too!!
Hope everyone is having a fun safe weekend!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lilly's last day of school, Graduation invite, flowers, belly pic

Yesterday we got our official invite from Lexi to her Kindergarten Graduation! We are so proud of her!

I love her heart in her "i"

Her graduation pics came in yesterday, I almost had to cry in the school parking lot, she's growing up toooooooo fast!

and I just had to post a pic on how huge my Iris' are considering them being only 2 years old! Can't wait to see them next year!

Belly pic for mom, she asked how big I was yesterday, ummmmm huge...

Yesterday was Lilly's last day of pre-k. It was a sad day knowing she was not going back to Mrs. Sandeen ever. She's been with her for 2 years, she's changed my Lilly in so many great ways. Lilly tested out of the program a few months ago but they let her finish the year. As completely ecstatic as I am that Lilly no longer needs "help" I'm just totally bummed out for her cause she LOVES school and yet she still has another year before she starts Kindergarten. So it looks like we'll be on the look out for finding a place for Miss Lilly next year so she wont be so sad when Lexi starts school!

Preston and I came and spent Lilly's last day with her!

playing some golf.
Can't believe another year has come and gone. Next week will officially bring on summer break for us! Let the fun begin with all our traveling plans! I pray Preston outgrows his car sickness in the next 2 weeks, otherwise we'll start a tab of all the states Preston will have puked in by the end of the summer, fun, fun!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Nationals and Lagoon!!!

Here's how we started our Saturday morning, unrolling Lexi's hair! Poor girl was so sad when we got the curlers out, she said " I look like a boy". The curls were soooo tight. After a little water and hair spray we got them to loosen a little. I was relieved to see I wasn't the only mom that tried to save time by doing the sponge rollers, there was several little girls with tight, tight curly hair!

In between Lexi checking in and her "freestyle" event we had about an hour to spare so of course we went and rode some rides!

Lilly and I.

Chris really lovin this ride,lol Just kidding if you look really close you can see one scared little boy holding on to dear life!

Here's the girls walking out on stage for their group performance! They placed second for Nationals! They did fabulous! Lexi also took 3rd on her solo freestyle event, we were quite the proud parents!

Here's the girls after Lexi was all done doing her thing. They were so happy to go off to have some fun!

We were so glad Robby was able to come along! He was Lilly's ridin partner. Lilly went on every single ride except the 3 roller coasters that she was too short for!

Chris and Lilly on the "Bat" roller coaster.

Preston and I.

Lexi on her favorite ride, the swings! She must have rode them at least 10 times!

This pictures cracks me up. I'm such a mean mom, I made Lexi come in the haunted house ride with me (it wasn't bad!) so I had to snap this pic because she was sooo freaked and scared, when the ride was over and busted through the doors to the sunlight again she just started crying. She didn't trust my word on any other rides the rest of the day. Lilly loved it.

This was Preston first ride by himself, he cried. We made him stay on. By the end he was fine. The rest of the day he bounced from ride to ride even if he had to go solo, he loved it!

We had a blast, the day went perfectly. We got there at 10am and were finding our car around 10 pm! I'm the only one that didn't get to ride all the crazy rides I love, being prego and all kind of puts a little damper in the ride department, but I still had a blast!! We already can't wait til the next trip!