Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Time is seriously flying and it's just not fair!

It really is amazing that this one little happy girl has added so much to our family! Every.single.day. one of us says aloud how happy we are that little Kloe is here!

A Sunday morning walk.

Sunday morning we got up and took the kids to ride their scooters. Seemed like an awesome idea til we walked out the door and it was windy and cold but since we had already told them what we were doing we all sucked it up and went on our way!
Kloe hangin on the dock, poor baby had to stay bundled in her cave the whole time.

We stopped on a few of the docks along the way...

Preston had a hard time keeping up with the girls towards the end so he wanted Chris to "ride him"

trying so hard to keep up with the girls!
The girls
eatin a little sugar filled breakfast along the way!

picking the perfect donut!
Even though it was colder than expected the kids had a blast scootering all around the trail and got all giddy in talks of coming back on a warmer day for a little fishing... I'll probably be sitting that one out!! Then it was off to home to get cleaned up for the big BBQ and go figure it completely warmed up!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Quality time...

We don't get to take the kids on individual outings as much as we'd like so when we do they definitely think it's special!

Today Chris took Lilly to the movies...

and to Claire's...

nice to see he doesn't hold her hand in the parking lot, lol!

of all the movies she wanted to see Alvin and The Chipmunks, I said wow she's a cheap date picking a movie at the cheap theater, Chris says she made up for it shopping!

Last night my friend Amanda and I took our 2 oldest kiddos to go see " Diary of a Wimpy Kid"

These two were too funny all night, I'm pretty sure they talked non stop all through dinner at Red Robin!
(stole a pic of them in the photo booth!)

me and my Lexi

We had time to kill before the movie so we went to Target and Lexi got the first Wimpy kid book and Liams already on to #2!


They had to get the "cheese touch" so they can go to school after break and spread it around!

Chris and Preston actually kicked off the one on one time about 2 weeks ago when they headed to the Monster Truck show!

Preston and Connor

Chris said he barely blinked through the whole show...

he absolutely loved having a late night out with dad!

So now we're all caught up with the one on ones, now it's time for our fun Spring Break plans!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Is it Green day yet?!?!

Our St. Pattys day went something like this...

Got Preston all greened up for school, flashing shamrock necklace in all

Lexi as well.... although she came home a little disappointed in some kids' lack of being festive, that's my girl

After we got the kids off to school me and this little green cutie...

and my cute little lucky clover got busy in the kitchen...

makin these little lucky treats

Lilly thought we made these for a special day, little did she know I just wanted to try out my awesome new cupcake holder :)
Lexi came home from school with no homework, apparently a Leprechaun snuck into the class and stole all the kids' " B.E.E." books which houses their homework. How lucky were they!
Then Chris walked through the door and I walked out....one more day til Wilson Elementary gets to indulge in the most awesome Carnival eva!! A select number of kids will now understand why they haven't seen or ate dinner with their moms in the last week when they walk into the school Friday evening and see how their 5 moms have transformed the school to a "Big Top Carnival"!!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Our bOy is 4!

Preston turned 4 on March 2nd, we had his little party this last weekend and boy was it fun!
I decided to try somewhere new, so we ended up at the Discovery Center!!
Preston welding 2 little washers together, he could have stayed on that machine forever! He came home with a whole pocket full welded goodies!
Lilly and Preston...

Chris' height...

with Preston on his favorite spot!

He did a little grocery shoppin!

The girls blew some big bubbles.

on a bed of nails...

the girls made the news...

then we partied in the park!

that's one happy little boy!

to infinity and beyond...
my first Birthday cake I've ever made!
Lexi, Connor and Nicolas

Lilly and bubbles

my boys!
some of the kiddos!
my Birthday boy!

I'm pretty sure he was ready to pass out here, loooong day!
It was a perfect day celebrating with friends and family!