Thursday, November 20, 2008

As good/sad as the song.

Last night I tortured my heart watching this...

my eyes looked like this through the whole movie.

(not my eye )

It was good, now go rent it!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Our Week!

Our week in pictures!
The kids got to go to ''Kid Planet"
for a FuN Birthday Party!

This place was the best and the kids slept soooo good that night!

Did a little posing...

Did some Christmas crafts!

Mr. P got a new Hot Wheel!
(man,boys are so much easier to please than girls!)

Preston after me breaking the news to him that " No that's not your Daddy at the Walmartz"!
Dear Baby Daddy,
Please hurry home so your littlest spawn will stop looking for a daddy at the Walmartzz! I'm starting to get the sympathy looks...

Preston got to endure some torturing
(he loved it!)

Some more posing took place...

Some actual sisterly love went on
( or she was getting her back by yanking every last little tangle out)
I'm going with the sisterly love this time though...

The kids got to eat some tasty Mac & Cheese with their cousin Riley!
These are their "crazy" faces!

BUT the best thing about last week was booking my babies daddy a flight home for a week!!
I will have me some happy kids on Tuesday night!

The End.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Not a fun weekend!

I'll spare everyone the disgusting details but believe me when I say I was on my death bed from about 11:00pm Friday night til today when I became amongst the land of the living! Poor Melanie got a nice wake up call from me at 5am Sat. morning, with something along the lines of I'm dieing please take me to the ER. So the end result was we *think* it was food poisoning, fun stuff! Oh and guess who one of my nurses was? Yeah my only neighbor I hadn't met, I'm sure he was pleased to meet my stanky vomit self in all my glory! So Melanie kept my kiddos for the weekend, they had a blast, she probably felt like going crazy! Anyway here's a little pic I got from them Sunday morning! Thanks Mel!!!

Goodies from Dad.

The monsters were especially excited about the knock on the door from UPS last week, much to their surprise they had a package from Chris! What started as just sending Lilly a B-day gift turned into sending them all a little something!

I got my taste of whats to come next month, do they seriously need 1,000 twisty ties on each leg of the barbie??

and just in case you want my two cents on these toys for your little ones...

The Barbie Zoo Vet is the cutest set EvEr, I even wanted to play with it! It came with lots of stuff so not too shabby for the moola!

Now the Hannah Montana Barbie is ANNOYING! It's loud and only sings one little verse over and over and OVER!

Preston tore into his present so fast I didn't get a pic, but it's the best of all. Just a Ninja Turtle truck, one piece, no noise!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Why I need a man...

I haven't been able to open my sugar bowel for going on 2 weeks....

Every inch of my yard has a blanket of leaves over it...
This is why this man needs a woman...
Do you see that scruffy mess on that face???
and this is why that man and this woman need each other...
5 weeks down and they are really missing "our happy family" (Lexi's words)...

Lilly's B-day party

Monday, November 3, 2008

Pay no attention...

to my ugly blog right now! I'm having technical difficulties! Anyone know how I can get rid of my green back round (blocks) behind my posts??? Also my header is temporary, hopefully a cute one will be up soon! OK, carry on now... that is unless you have blog fixing advice for me ;)

and DON'T FORGET to VOTE!!! This is a reminder to ME also...