Monday, June 29, 2009

Another Zoo.

Yesterday we went to Minot and marked another Zoo off our list!

The girls in front of the Camels.
Preston and some utters!

Always a guaranteed laugh!
bad pic but the only one we got with half of us together!
an Elk, that was so close to us, we could have seriously grabbed his antlers.
my mom and Rod.
me and Lexi.
me and Preston.

Lexi taking a turn.
Can we say sugar high??? Thanks Nana!

Preston just loves the goats!

The bears, once again I can't believe how close you get to these animals, there was one little fence about a foot or two in front of their cage, it was crazy. There was a machine to feed them, when your food didn't make it in the cage they'd come up and grab the pieces that just fell short!

1 of the 3 brown bears!
Lexi in front of the Lions!
It was a pretty drive, a great lunch at Ruby Tuesdays and an awesome afternoon at the Zoo!!

Thanks Mom/Nana!

A stormy day...

Friday started off great! My mom sent me to go get my hair done, it's been FOREVER since I've gone anywhere to get it colored, it was nice!! I spent 4 hours there, the girl took her time since she knew I was getting a break from the kids,lol!

She also cut it, although you can't really tell here, since she didn't really style it. She did do an awesome job just brushing and blow drying it, I seriously just wanted to fall asleep!
Then the afternoon played out for everyone kinda lazy! (except Chris)
Then that's when we hear it....the beeping on the T.v... the loudest siren I've ever heard going off in town...
ToRnAdO watch and warning...
The siren only lasted about 5 minutes, enough to scare me, enough for everyone else in town to just shrug it off as another summer storm warning ( thankfully they've never actually had a tornado here!)
We drove a little bit outside of town to snap a few pics.
The rain pured down and the wind was A BLOWING!!!

and here is the aftermath of the storm, the 2 week old tramp. I blew across my moms yard, over the fence, took out a clothes line and into the neighbors yard!
Chris was on the roof til way after he should have been, but as soon as he got down he got the call that our car was done at the dealership, so off he went to Bismark! So when he called from KFC to see what kind of Chicken we wanted he heard to sirens going off in the back round and me going you seriously better hurry the h*ll up :) Well the storm passed through here and he got the pleasure of driving through it on the way home, the worst rain he's ever driven through I guess...
So I like to look at that day like this...
Hair "do" $90.00
new air hydraulic shock system $1,000
KFC 35.00
Trampoline 189.00
Not getting whisked away in the Storm = priceless

OK that was kinda cheesy, but seriously.... I'll pass on anymore sirens for a while!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Fathers Day, Fort Mandan,History, Chinese food and the Zoo.

For Fathers Day we decided to venture off and go do something different and fun! So we ended up here at the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center. It was very interesting and they did a great job of taking you back in time, very educational although more educational if you didn't have a 3 year old with you, or at least our 3 year old with you!
The girls walking with our guide out to the Fort. They gave her the run down on their new shoes and us visiting from Idaho...
*Lewis and Clark built Fort Mandan and stayed there for the Winter, Chief Sheheke welcomed them with a promise of friendship in 1804/1805*
Lexi barely holding up the baby pack. Sacagawea was one strong woman!!

taking a nap on one of the bunks.
The girls in front of the interpretive center

Me and Lilly
Preston very excited to see a playground!

trying on some Buffalo.
Here's my 7 month belly shot, perfect pic, I'm covering my 5th chin!!
*Lewis and Clark discovered 122 animals and 178 plants that were new to Science. So we walked the Fort Mandan history and nature trail to see the world as they saw it 200 years ago!*

Lexi and Dad

Must have shoulders of steel, I could never carry them!
Along the walk.
There was a park on the way out that we stopped at and let the kids run wild, even Uncle Robby got in on a game of tag!

This picture shows exactly how everyone was feeling, Preston was so done and ready to go get some food!!

Chinese, Chinese, Chinese... what can I say it's the best!!!
Happy Fathers Day Chris!
Our kids are unbelievably lucky to have someone they think hangs the moon, reaches the stars and is Superman all in one night! Your their world and I know they are yours which makes me the happiest girl ever!


Last week my mom and I took the kids to the Bismarck Zoo, they loved it! They had a great variety of animals and it was very interactive. I love that my kids love the zoo so much! We were very happy to cross another Zoo off our list, very exciting for them to have went to the Salt Lake Zoo, Bismarck Zoo and hopefully the Minot Zoo all within a few months time!
Me and Lexi inside the discovery center!
Preston and a Donkey.
The cutest baby Spider Monkey!
Ridin' a tractor.
The girls on the train!

Lunch time

Preston feeding the Deer.

Lilly loved all the goats.

Lexi with the Golden Tiger, 1 of 13 in the world!
We got our monies worth it alone just being able to pet the Deer, they had a pellet machine by the exhibit and that Deer just let the kids pet him til their heart content as long as they were feeding him! Only Lexi could touch his antlers though, which was neat!
Great week and now I'm tired!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The past few days in pics!

Yesterday we took the kids to the next little town over, they were having their "Old Settlers Days" The kids had a blast with all the blow up toys they had!

Preston loved this Baseball game they had. He went through the line 5 times in a row.

Lilly got quite the gathering of little boys in awe when she was showing off doing flips on the bungee thing!

Looking a little dizzy after 5 minutes of continues flips, no joke she must have did at least 75. We had been in line for at least an hour and maybe 2 kids did 1 flip and then here goes Lilly doing one after another. It was hilarious, everyone was dieing laughing just watching the determination on her face and she just kept going and going and going!
Then here's our Lexi who just gracefully jumped up and down!
Preston on the big slide!
My girls!

Lilly on the slide!

Lexi getting on all her gear!

Friday evening we made Chris get off the roof and walk to the park with us, while we were there an old man stopped us and asked if we were from here, we of course said no, he then asked where we were from and how many kids we had, we told him and he said "I'll be right back, I've got souvenirs for you guys to take home with you". The kids continued to play and sure enough the guy came back and gave each of the kids and hand made puzzle and Chris and I a clock,lol. It was nice and the kids loved the puzzles!
Prestons was a train, Lexi's a Chicken and Lilly's a Squirrel.

They played lots of football that day! Lexi loved tackling Uncle Robby!

Preston filling his sisters shoes with rocks!

Heading to the park, I guess this is their new pose for whenever I ask them to take a pic together!

Friday day was filled with playing on the tramp with the sprinkler on under it and yummy sandwiches and watermelon! My mom had to run to the Dr. the other day and Preston was one happy guy with a Dilly bar, watching Superman on his lap! Mind you theres a tv built in on my headrest right in front of him but apparently that's not close enough cause he insists on holding a portable!

We also had went out to dinner one night last week and I'm happy to report all chillens were good!! Woohoo!

The girls signed up for the summer reading programs for while we're here, so this is them on their first day! They loved it!