Sunday, August 30, 2009

Skool Dayz...

Last Thursday kicked off a new year of School for Lexi!
She's a big 1st grader now! She was quite nervous that nobody would recognize her, cause ya know those bangs were so life changing for her,lol! When I picked her up at the end of the day she was one happy little girl! She loves her new teacher, saw all her old friends and better yet they all remembered her!
Her new desk, 1st in the second row.
outside lining up with her class!
and here she is on day 2!

She's very proud of her first two school days outfits. These are the 2 that she completely picked out all by herself, what a little rock star! (man we were at macy's forever that day!!)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The last week around here.

I can't believe I'm posting these pictures, but I guess it is what it is...or should I say I am what I am, right now anyways... huge and miserable! I'll take it though, cause we can't wait to add a new little sweetie to the bunch!

I told lexi I was going to have her stand on a chair cause like I need any help on my double chin looking down,lol!

Isn't this the cutest car seat ever???

Sneak peak of the baby's room!

I really don't have too much going on in her room yet, the bedding was on back order forever so I'm just now able to match things with the color of her bedding!

Last Sunday we snuck off to Fuddruckers for Melanie's Birthday! It was great food, great company and the kids and Chris had a great time playing all the games, he's such a sucker!!

Riley and Lexi.


Last Saturday I took Lexi out shopping for her "perfect" first day outfit, shoes and accessories. We had lots of fun, but man it's already started, she wanted everything!! Here she is starting her morning with a nice chocolate milk!
She seriously wanted these hot shutter shades! Since when are shades a must for 1st grade?? She didn't get them or any for that matter but she did do a little fashion show and wanted me to take a picture of her in every pair she tried on, the girl working thought she was hilarious.
Then we were off to get her those bangs that's she's been driving my crazy about

Slushies at Target!

and last but not least Lilly lost her first tooth!!

She'd really like to take her money now and go to Chuck E Cheese!
Baby update is: dilated to 2, frequent contractions, in the process of testing for Pre Eclampsia (don't drink from the orange contain in my fridge, just saying...), crazy swelling, gained 4 lbs last week alone, she said my water retention is nuts (it better be water,lol) So we'll know more tomorrow and maybe just maybe we'll have our little Kloe within the next week!

Friday, August 21, 2009

A boys new room.

Well it has officially happened...Preston has been kicked down to the basement! Talk about waiting til the last minute, the baby which could really make her debut anytime needs the bedroom next to ours so that meant enclosing another bedroom down stairs for the "P" (the girls are already down there) I guess that's the plus for buying a house with an unfinished basement! Anyway I forgot to take before pics but basically it was cement floors, no walls, just open space! Now here's what it has transformed into in the last few days!

Last night Chris decided he wanted to build Preston a new bed, I was totally against it because for 1. he has a perfectly nice log twin bed and for 2. that would be taking away time from just getting the room done so we could move on to the baby's room! For once I'm sooo glad I kept my opinion to myself! I love it, it saves so much room in there,plus what little kid wouldn't want a little play area under their bed?!?

As I write right now Chris is building a corner shelf thing that goes right under the ceiling for his T.V. (yes we're "those" parents")

I was going to change his "theme" but time just ran out so he's stuck with his jungleish theme for awhile longer!

We just have to get the rock climbing things to put on the steps up to his bed, then it's all done!

and here's his little area under the bed, I wish it would stay this clean forever but as you can see I haven't brought his toys in yet!

making his bed is not going to be fun, but we'll deal...

So there it is the basics are done, we have one very, very happy boy and now we move on to the baby's room!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lexi Hearts her new Dentist!

We spent the morning with this great guy!

At this awesome office!

She was watching Finding Nemo on the flat screen right above her head!

Getting her prize with her special token after she was all done!

Who would have thought going to the Dentist could be so fun!?!

It wasn't all roses though... on October 2nd she'll be checking into St.Lukes Hospital for a little out patient oral surgery. I'm sure everything will be fine, but it's still scary to think that she'll be "put under".

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

2 weeks in a nut shell!

Can't believe another couple of weeks have flown by! I'll try to make this brief just so I can get caught up :)

last week we went for some ice cream, yum yum!
Here's Preston sporting his "summer hawk", this is what I came home to one night after some bargain shopping! Crazy boys!



Before scrap night last weekend a few of us went and had a delicious dinner at Music On The Vine, then we went and grabbed some ridiculously yummy ice cream to take back to the store with us! Thanks Aimee, just what I needed *sarcasm*!

Here's Lexi getting ready to head to her first Birthday party without me!

Lexi with the infamous Hannah Montana -AKA- Tori!
What an awesome party she got to attend!

Ohhhh the Dr. Pepper.........

It seriously just kept flowing into our house! I'm a little embarrassed to say how many we ended up with but I will anyways........................................................132 12 pks. Yes you read that right 132. It was hard to stop with my Albertsons encouraging getting more more and more, they're so awesome there! So yeah whoever is in need of DP we're more than happy to share! Oh and final cost was 40 cash but I ended the deal with 20 in Albertsons "cash" so I like to think I only spent 20.00 for all that!!! I believe all my Albs receipts added up to be a savings of around 897.00, I of course would never pay almost 6.00 for a 12 pk, so I figure if I bought it at Walmart I still would have saved almost 600.00, CRAZY!!!

I snuck away one night to go see My Sisters Keeper, WOW I had a 2 hour straight bawl fest. So incredibly heart wrenching. I can't wait to watch it locked in my room so I can really let it all out.


Preston had a naked Batman/Cinderella play fest.

Chris and the kids went "camping" in the backyard!

Lexi with a mouth full of mellows!


Lilly just as scary!

We were having a boring day so we decided to make Play Dough!

They were quite the helpers!

Not too bad!

and just when I thought I was done with Albertsons for a while they turn around and have another great sale week! 4.00!

and my love of Kohls just keeps growing deeper and deeper.... $8.50!!! That's for 6 baby outfits, 2 onesies, 2 shirts for P., jammies for P., a frame, photo album, knee highs, headbands,baby beanies, bibs, 7 pairs of canvas shoes and 1 pair of Tony Hawk shoes!!!

and here's where I ended my night last night, I made 6.00 off of this deal!!!
(nicole I got your text as I was checking out, I WILL be slowing down after all this, lol)

So this has pretty much been it, doesn't look like a lot, but man I'm exhausted! The baby update is I got my first exam to check things out cause I've had some contractions and basically with out grossing anyone out my body is definitely getting in to position, I'm only 33 wks so she better not progress any further, cause I'M NOT READY!!!