Monday, August 2, 2010

One great tooth...

The day after we returned home, THE TOOTH finally fell out!! It was hanging by a single thread for days.....
She had been dreaming of the endless possibilities for weeks of what she was going to get with her money.
That night she fell asleep just like this on our downstairs couch, we weren't touching her :) so there she stayed!

the first thing we heard the next morning was "WOW that must have been one great tooth"

Yes, yes it was!

My sweet Lilly looking so cute toofless!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


The Fogle G-parents, Corey and his boys pulled in literally 5 minutes behind us as we were getting home from ND! They came for a short visit and some grandkid lovins before they had to hit the road again back to AZ and then Corey and Chris hit he road back to ND so Corey can do the flooring in the house Chris is doing.... So yes that means me and the kids are all by our lonesome getting ready for a new school year to start! I'm so proud of Chris and his extraordinary talent as a builder, the man really has an eye like no other, him having to travel sometimes has such a mix of emotions for me, it just plain sucks having him gone but it's pretty amazing to have people from 1,000's of miles away wanting HIS work, awesome!!

anyway...lots of just hanging out!

and of course wrestling

it never ended!

I took the kids to the movies!

Dylan and our kids!

lots of video game playing!

I love this pic, it was the first time Kloe had scene Papa since she was born. She wasn't to sure at first but that didn't last long!!

We put Corey to work on the grill!

The boys

Jim, Corey and the boys had an awesome first time rafting!!

Chris and Justin Kayaked...
maybe they can get Corey on a Kayak next time!!
It was a short visit but we squeezed a ton in, great laughs, Olive Garden, shopping, rafting, movies, bbq, re- packing for a trip, not too bad in 3 days! It was so great seeing the boys, it had been far too long!!

Coming home with twice as much!

I love shopping while we're on the road, I know it doesn't make sense but everything just seems like a must have, even when I have to carry things on my lap for 16 hours....

Needless to say everyone enjoyed getting out of the cram packed car to stretch their legs every once in a while....( told Chris he should have brought the trailer!)

my little angel resting so good in her new big girl seat, which you know takes up more room too considering we were hauling 2 baby seats home now...

and because we're FREAKIN CRAZY we got Tiggy our Chihuahua a pal! Like I don't already have enough to deal with while Chris is out of town, why not just stick needles in my own eyeballs... I do have to say though as a not so much dog lover that these little girls are great and I barely even notice we have them!

ND 2010

We had a great 2 weeks that flew by, I think I took like 600 pics so here's a tiny few of my favorites!
Celebrated my sisters Birthday!

We swam, A LOT that day!



My baby just shy of 11 mos.


the smell of Fish apparently make us happy!

took a drive out in the country.

lots of pics with my QT's!

We enjoyed a cute little ice cream shop.

The kids had a blast at the Fish Hatchery.

Aunt Shelby took the kids to see a movie while Nana and mom shopped!

We ate awesome food all over the place!
(pretty sure I never need to eat again!)

got to spend time with my brother!
We did so much, it was a go go go visit and had a blast every step of the way! Thanks mom for a great visit!!

On the road again...

This beautiful home has been whats keeping our home quiet and lonely.... Chris had been gone 6 weeks at the beginning of summer, came home for 2, we weren't ready to be lonely again so me and the kids packed up and hit the road with him! What better way to reconnect and spend some quality time together than a 16 hour straight road trip??? Ha sarcasm people geez! Really though it wasn't bad at all, guess our kids are used to it by now! Anyway my mom only lives a few hours from where Chris is working so that's where the kids and I played for 2 weeks!

Lilly willing to get out and pose anywhere!

There were many of these....pit stops!

Lotsa driving and enjoying beautiful Montana!

Lotsa time wanting to throw "Tom-tom" out the window cause the miles seemed to never go down...

a few of these....

then we made it here!

Boom, BOOM day 2010

This year we stayed home for the 4th and it was definitely our best 4th yet in Idaho! The weather was PERFECT, which makes for a happy mom! We started the weekend off Saturday morning watching the parade, which was better than previous years, when that ended we literally turned around and walked about 2 feet to the park! We usually do a quick stroll through cause its hot but like I said perfect weather which made for an afternoon of enjoying all the fun things the park had to offer!

The kids played lots of games with their cousin Riley, rode horses, snuggled on a baby Kangaroo, sodas, yummy food, bounce houses, firetrucks, water, soaked clothes...

Our friends Katie and Rob hosted a super fun BBQ at their home for everyone to enjoy! They are such awesome sports considering they were leaving for Disney WORLD the next day!

We only had one "incident" the whole weekend and of course it was one of my own.... Preston stepped on a lit sparkler. Good thing we had our own personal fireman on board, thanks Will!!

( it's been almost a month now and it's just about healed up!)

I loved every bit of our weekend, making incredible memories with our kids and being around such great people!