Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Baby, Picture Day and Cake totals!

Todays picture day for the girls, they were so excited to wear dresses to school. Lexi said "mom do I look fabulous?" of course I said yes and then she asked me if I even knew what it meant!

Yesterday I had my first ultrasound to see our little pea, I only got one picture because "it" was moving around so much. I never recall seeing any of the other kids moving around like that so early on. It was quite comical to watch, Chris was so bummed he missed it as was I. This was the first one he has missed as was my first O.B. appt, oh well he has the next 6 mos. to get in all those fun appts!

And boy am I glad the crazy Albertsons week has finally ended, it was quite exhausting. So 140 cakes mixes later, I can finally stop thinking about getting to Albertsons to get more. Now before you think I've completely gone off my rocker, I'll be bringing 100 mixes to my moms for her and her friend to split when we go visit.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Stock up time!

If your Albertsons is having the same promotion as mine it's definitely an awesome time to stock up on some things! Theres 250 mix and match items to go with the promotion, all you have to do is buy any 10 items and you'll get a $10.00 coupon off your next purchase! If you don't want to deal with coupons theres still good deals to be had, like the cake mixes buy 10 pay 12.50 get 10.00 back in an Albertsons coupon, go buy 10 more, use your 10.00 coupon and only pay 2.50 and then you'll get another 10.00 coupon back. You can continue to "roll" the deal as many times as you'd like! It makes the mixes .25 each, so cheap! So here's my haul for this evening!

20 cake mixes, 22 Pillsbury biscuits and rolls, 10 Progresso soups, 1 Chex Mix, 2 Cheerios party mixes, 12 boxes of fruit snacks, 2 warm delights and 1 Toaster Strudle!

7 transactions!
Sub Total $24.94
Tax $6.58
Total Savings $162.94
and I still have a $10.00 off my next purchase to continue to "roll" through the week!
As for the house of sickness, I felt so much better today, only a sore throat! Lexi woke up with her other eye now infected with the Pink eye, Lilly's eye of blood is finally starting to fade a little and so far so good for the "P" man all the way around, he must have an awesome immune system!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Well because nothing can just be simple these days, Lilly woke up Monday morning and I noticed a blood spot on her eye. I then lifted her eye lid and the whole white of her eye ball as far as you could see was solid blood red. Freaked me out! So off to urgent care we went, where they said she had Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)! Perfect! The Dr. then proceeds to tell us how contagious it is, even more perfect, we've all been fighting the cold flu for over a week and now this! So we headed home, washed and bleached all the bedding, towels, ya know all that fun stuff. Then this morning around 2 am to be exact I woke to feeling like I'd been beat with a baseball bat from head to toe, sore throat, ears, the SAME crap I had just gotten over all of one day ago! Then it happened, Lexi woke up with "THE EYE" too. I feel like garbage, so I improvised and used some of Lilly's drops to get her started, now I've got to bring her in because the Dr. office just can't take Dr. Nichole's word when she says child #2 has pink eye to please call me in a script, they would just like to make my life more hectic and earn an extra buck and make us come in again!! OK rant over, here's the best picture I could get of her eye, it really doesn't show the nastiness it really is!

P.S. putting eye drops in kids eyes is pure torture for both parties!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


This week the girls had their Valentines parties at school. They were both so into it this year! Here's miss Lexi heading off to her party on Thursday!

A little hair "do" we tried out!

Lilly at her party!

Lilly's hair before her party!

This last week was an excellent bargain week at Albertsons, I've been sick so I didn't get in as many trips as I would have liked but here's a few things I got!


I'm on the mend today, which is great so I can venture out and get my babies some Valentines! This will be my first solo Valentines Day in 10 years, not that I'm "solo", It just wont be the same as every other year. We all miss Chris so incredibly much, but we know he misses us more! 3 more weeks and it will finally ALL be over! As much as we want to complain about these last few months, we are fully aware of how blessed we are to even have work and a roof over our head!
Hope everyone has a great weekend and an Incredible Valentines Day!

Friday, February 6, 2009


When I said I have big plans for 2009, I had no idea this is what was in store for me!

I've been at a loss for words the last 3 weeks, this little peanut must really be meant to be here, cause it was well prevented, so not planned and I've only seen Chris 3 separate weeks in the last 4 mos! I was going to wait to post til after my first appt which is Monday, but 1. Most everyone knows already and 2. Everything I want to blog about lately has been about "the peanut"! I can't even tell you how excited the girls are, it's the topic of choice around here almost 24/7. Now that I'm getting used to the idea I'm starting to get very excited, it all feels so new, like I've never done this before, let alone 3 other times! Maybe it's age or just being at a different place in life, I just feel like I'll be able to capture every moment and be totally ready for this one! It'll also be a nice gap in the age difference between the kids! So I *think* I'm about 8 weeks, totally exhausted and nauseous pretty much ALL day long, so far completely opposite from the last 3! So there you have it loud and clear I'm prego and I absolutely never though I'd be saying that again!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

*Lesson Learned*

Well I hope so anyway! Yesterday after picking Lexi up from school I stopped by a friends to pick up my camera. We chatted for a bit, then it was time to head home and think about feeding my kids some dinner... Well miss Lexi had other plans that did not include coming home with me! Imagine that. she wanted to stay and play. I said No. I'm mean like that in all. Lexi decided she would sit her little butt down on the front lawn and proceeded to tell me she's staying there. Really? You think so?? Well I'm leaving and if your not in this car in 5 seconds it looks like your going to have a nice cold long walk home missy!! She sat there. Under any other situation I would have snatched her little butt up and put her in the car, then she would have spent the evening sitting on her bed BUT... I had an ideal situation to work with and Aimee was backing me 100% so I said bye I'm heading home. Aimee told her they're going inside to eat dinner, then they have to take Jayce to scouts. Well I got in the car, they went inside and there she sat and waved as I drove away. I was on the phone with Aimee with in a second, she was watching Lexi though the window (Lexi couldn't see her), Lexi just sat there. She ended up staying out there for 45 minutes, when finally Aimee went out to "check her mail" and acted surprised and said what are you still doing here? Lexi said I never came back and got her, so Aimee said well it looks like you have 3 choices here, 1. I can give you a blanket to sleep out here tonight, 2. You can start walking or 3. You can call your mom and apologize and then ask her if it's ok that I give you a ride home. She chose to call me. When she got home she gave me the biggest hug and said she'll never not listen to me again, she missed her happy family so much, she was so scared, it felt so good to be home and on and on. I got huge hugs, kisses and endless I'm sorrys all night long. You'd thought she'd been gone for weeks! I wish I could have caught it all on tape, I mean the looks on her face as she came home was priceless, her quivering voice made me sad, but dang it, it was about time she learned a lesson and if it's not a lesson learned I promise I'll pay for her therapy later in life :)!