Friday, May 30, 2008

OK Girls....

Dust off those Stilettos

Plug in that curling iron

put on some red lipstick

Grab a gal pal and go see....

Momma is taking a leave of absence tonight and indulging in some girl power!

Don't forget to be...

Schools out, dance is over, R.I.P. Mr Quackers...

Last Wednesday was Lilly's last day of Preschool, she so doesn't get it that she wont be back til after summer, poor girl! Every night she asks if she has school tomorrow. Mrs. Sandeen was/is an awesome teacher, she made our whole family's first experience with a kid in school GREAT, Lilly will have her for two more years (if she needs it) and I'm pretty sure I'll cry when Lilly leaves her class to move on. Anyway here's a little card we made for her, I stole the idea from some scrapbooking blog!

It says " What will Mrs. Sandeen do with her summer?"

Inside says " Enjoy a great book" Then we put a 20.00 Borders gift card in the little pocket!

Lilly on her last day!

Chris and Preston eating at Lexi's Dance BBQ

Lexi and her trophy!

R.I.P. Mr Quackers

"Mr. Quackers" only lasted at the Fogle house for 3 days, poor little guy! Really though, he was so tiny and we could hardly get him to eat. We told the kids his mom came to get him and they were all devastated, Chris felt horrible and promised them we'll go buy a new one. He's on his own on this one :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Chris!

I'll spare everyone with all the mushy gushy stuff and sum it all up with your swell, I love you and hope you have a great Birthday!

Monday, May 26, 2008

How in the world....

did this little thing end up in our backyard?!?
So if you can picture this... me folding laundry, chris down stairs, all the kiddos out back and here comes Lilly running inside "yelling look at my baby duck", "it's my baby Cinderella duck", "only mine". I look at Chris, he looks at me and I think we were just totally speechless! We have absolutely NO idea where it came from, how it could possibly even get in our backyard or anything! Totally nuts! Any other day I would have thought Chris had "something" to do with it but it being a holiday in all and kinda late I know the feed stores are closed! So we made it a make shift home, I went to WIKI to find out what we could feed it til we get to the store tomorrow and now we'll just see how it goes through the night! Yes, we've also searched every little inch of our front, back, side yard, trees (lol) roof (lol) just about everywhere looking for either more or "clues", it's driving Chris nuts wondering how it got in the yard,lol!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Our Utah Adventure!

Finally getting around to posting about our little trip! Wow, what a blast! We all had so much fun and the kids were great! I must admit I was worried thinkin "what if the kids are complete monsters at Lagoon?", I'm so grateful to report they were anything but... We were there 12 &1/2 hours straight and all the kids were EXTREMELY good! I can't even explain how much fun we all had! There was the perfect amount of us so we could all have "riding buddies"! Our little Lilly amazed me, she's definitely our thrill seeker! She rode every ride no problem, even the adult rides and just wanted to go again and again! We did draw the line on Wicked though, only us big kids got to ride that one, (minus Aimee, she watched the kiddos) and I must say it's the first ride in a long time that scared the crap out of me! We smuggled Preston onto the River Rapids (or whatever it's called) ride so the whole group could go on it together, everyone loved it except Lexi and Preston about half way through! He was quite the trooper though, we even made him go in the haunted house with Lilly and he just sat through the whole thing with his finger up to his mouth, mean I know but sooo cute! Lexi did very well doing her dance, we'll find out Thursday if her team placed! Friday when we got there we went to the Dinosaur Park in Ogden and that was fun! The kids loved digging for Dino bones! We got some swimming time in at the Hotel Friday night, which the kids loved! Then Sunday we hit Ikea (YaY) got some much needed organizing baskets, bookcase and some other great things, then headed home! Monday the kids and I just laid around and took some long naps, by Wednesday the kids were asking to go back!

Riley, Jace and Lexi

Lilly at the pool
Yay we got our tickets!
Lilly and I on her first ride

Lexi's kind of ride, nice and slow

Preston blowing the cotton from the cottonwood trees
Prestons turn to give me a heart attack
she better never pose like that again :)

Chris and the girls, yes Lilly was on a leash, best invention ever!
Mr. P's one and only 10 minute power nap!

Chris and Preston



Lexi's Dance

all the way to the left! (looking at it!)

soaked after the rafting ride!

Friday, May 16, 2008

We're off to...

We're off on a mini Vaca to Utah, today we'll hit the Dino Park, Saturday is Lexi's Clogging Nationals at Lagoon, which then we'll play the day away, then Sunday we'll hit Ikea and then make our way home! Be back Monday with some heavy duty picture posting I'm sure!

Monday, May 12, 2008

A Great Day!

I hope everyone a great Mothers Day yesterday, I sure did! It was a little sad because it was my first Mothers Day that I haven't been with my mom, but as usual we talked on the phone! Chris and the kiddos got me a new Blackberry which I LOVE but would probably love more if I could figure the dang thing out,lol and some scrapbook stuff! It was a nice relaxing day, Chris made breakfast then he took all the kids outside and worked in the yard and garage all morning while I watched a lifetime movie, then when Lilly and Preston went down for a nap I decided take Lexi and do a little clothes shopping! We made our way through Kohls, Target and Ross and found us some cute new outfits for our trip to Utah this weekend! I must have wore her out, cause one minute we were jammin out to Hannah Montana and the next she left me hangin as she snoozed the ride home away! Then I came home to a steak dinner,yum! What a great day!

My new pink phone!


Here's a canvas that I made for my mom to go with her Mothers Day present, she's lucky it made it to her house because I wanted to keep it!

Friday, May 9, 2008

My Crazy Bargain Week!

Wow! What a bargain week! I can honestly say that I'm almost sick of Walgreens, but in all reality I'll be back there tonight rolling my Register Rewards into more gas gift cards! So the basics of my deals this week are: cereal at Albertsons which are on sale for 10 for $10.00, well there's handful of places on the web to print coupons to go with this deal, also in last weeks Sunday paper (which is available at walmart all week!) there's a $1.00 off to General mills coupon! So my total for Albertsons this week is right at $16.00 and that got me 30 boxes of cereal, 4 boxes of fruit by the foot, 2 boxes of popcorn and 4 boxes of Nature Valley granola bars!!

So an average of .40 a box! Not bad considering they're usually around the 3.00-4.00+ range!

Now on to the what seems like the never ending Walgreens trips! They are having a buy 9 P&G items and get a 20.00 Register Reward (like cash at walgreens!) So of course theres plenty of coupons to go with all the products that qualify for this deal! So this was my first trip and my out of pocket was a little more than usual to get me started but I've already made hundreds off the deal so definitely worth it! So I paid 20.00 for this trip but I left with all this and 80.00 in register rewards so basically profited 60.00, WooHoo! Now let the rolling of rewards begin!

So with my P&G rewards I would roll 10.00 at a time to get this below for free and then the Venus razor would spit out a 6.00 register reward, I guess I'm technically loosing 4.00 in rewards but seriously 4.00 for all this stuff....

then roll that 6.00 reward plus all my cover girl coupons and pay .51 out of pocket for tax and then the register spits out another 20.00 reward!!!

Then I just "rinse and repeat" that same deal over and over... I now have over 60 pieces of Cover Girl make-up, had 130.00 in rewards in which I have bought 100.00 worth of gas cards (for our trip next week to Lagoon!!) about 4 Tides, 5 razors and 6 packages of Oreos (buy 2 oreos for 5.00 and a 3.00 reward prints!)

Then I got a little tip off from the Internet that if you bought one of these new mens body wash that a coupon will print for a free one, so I bought 1 at 3.49, my coupon printed so then I got my free one paid .21 tax and then another free coupon prints so I did the deal six times and I have my free coupon for the next one burning a whole in my wallet so I'm sure you know where I'll be as soon as Chris gets home...

So there you have it, yes it takes time but hey it's so worth it!