Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Me and my Lilly

is loving...
all this attention...
while Lexis at school...
and I'm loving it too!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Trip and tons of pics!

So here's 20 things I've come to realize while on my trip!
1. There's NO parachutes for you on the plane! (yes I'm being serious!)
2. I had no idea all planes weren't 3 rows wide!
3. 2 rows are a little ummm... close...
4. Flying through the clouds are amazing!
5. I'm glad I don't have to use Public transportation every day!
6. NEVER wear any sort of heel while sight seeing in Seattle!
7. You will be scrubbing the black off your feet for days if you walk bare feet for 10 mins on the streets of Seattle, YUCK!!
8. Seattle has so many fun things to do for any age!
9. Maybe not such a great idea to try out some Mexican food from a place you don't know!
10. I've encountered the best seafood I've ever had!
11. I'm forever going to be craving me some Seattle seafood!
12. The shopping is amazing there!
13. It's truly a great place to window shop!
14. I really think I'll have a scheduled foot massage if I ever go back there, I've never walked to much!
15. People at the crosswalks weren't that friendly, nobody smiles there!
16. It really is gloomy and rainy there!
17. Two girls walking the down town streets at night is probably not such a great idea!
18. There really is a coffee shop in every corner!
19. Pikes Market is the coolest thing EVER!
20. I missed my family like crazy!
first plane ride!
waiting for the bus!

our Hotel, it was so beautiful!

one of the stands @ Pikes Market, how would you like to eat all that fresh fruit everyday??? The life...
one the Ferry ride back to Seattle, man it got cold!
Nothing like a self portrait to realize you've got some major roots going on! Seriously why didn't I see this before I left???
The space Needle

The Seattle Aquarium

Me and Mel!

Relaxing waiting for our plane!
So first and for most, huge shout out to Collected Memories for sending me on this awesome trip! Thanks Eric your the best!!
We had such a fun, exhausting time! We left our houses @ 5am Friday morning, left Boise @ 7am, arrived in Seattle @7:20 am, loved gaining that hour! We thought we'd be adventurous and try the bus system. This little project was fully on Melanie, I can seriously hardly read a map, so all the credit goes to her for finding our way in the BIG city! 1 city bus, 1 Monorail ride and about a 4/5 block walk later we arrived at our Hotel, checked our bags and then we were off to the Fabric show! So we then back tracked to basically where the Monorailed dropped us off at to the Seattle Center/ Space Needle. For the next 8ish hours we stared at fabric, sounds boring but it was actually fun! After the show we went back to our hotel to change and got ready to head down town to see the sights! This is where I pulled the most stupid thing ever, I wore heels... I seriously had stupid written on my forehead that night! We once again rode the monorail back to down town and just decided to walk towards the water, which seemed so close (everything does) but believe me my feet beg to differ! We made our way through Pikes Market, man I'd just die to have a place like that to buy the most beautiful bouquets of flowers any time I wanted for 5 bucks! Then we were off to catch the Ferry to Bainbridge Island, so fun and amazing to me that people really ride that every day to get to work and back home! By the way don't eat the Ferry Food, just saying... So after that we were trying to make our way back to our hotelish area cause it was getting mighty scary on the streets, kinda reminded me of Vegas, bums galore! To end the night we went to this Mexican food place that we had our eye on all day to check out, we thought it would be perfect for us cause they didn't close til 1:30am, no need to rush anywhere cause we'd for sure be able to eat there. Turns out the place was quite the happening party/bar, very surreal actually girls in tiny black dresses, the whole nine yards! If your wondering it definitely wasn't our scene BUT the food smelt soooo good... At this point I would have rather ate at Taco Bell over that place cause the food was so spicy neither one of us could eat out dinner. SERIOUSLY it burned our stomach and we are definitely not wimpy Mexican food eaters, we love us some Mexican food! The next day we were up bright and early off to the show we went for a bit then it was time to squeeze in some more sight seeing before we headed home! We hit the Seattle Aquarium and had some excellent sea food! What a great time!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A week behinde again...

Well since I uploaded all my pics backwards, that's how I'm rolling with it today!

I'm super excited to be saying I'm hopping my very first plane EVER and headed to Seattle bright and early Friday morning! Melanie is headed there to a HUGE fabric show for work and I got invited to tag along!

Last weekend my Aunt, Aimee and I had plans on heading up to Silver City , a little ghost town nestled back in the mountains dating back to the 1800's. There's several homes still standing and I guess 2 times a year they do tours of everything that's left there. So Aimee got this crazy idea Sat. at about 4:00 to go buy a ton of fabric so we could make skirts and everything we would need to look the part of being "back in the day" and take pictures for a scrap booking project she had in mind! So needless to say we got hardly any sleep Sat night and we took off on our adventure bright and early Sunday morning!

This is what I started the day looking like...

And the after! It was definitely fun playing "dress up"! Everyone loved it, people even asked to take pictures with us, too funny!

I'm so not usually into the whole graveyard scene, but this one fascinated me It was so old and beautiful. It's so amazing to me the headstones they made back then, so huge and such beautiful carvings and another thing I noticed was that they put the date of birth and death and also wrote out the persons age like 4yrs 7months and 6 days old, just different...

So one thing I have come to realise is no wonder the women back then were so skinny, it was so dang uncomfortable with all those layers and layers of clothes in the hot sun beating down on you as your walking walking walking... sweating sweating sweating...
in the old school house

And another thing all those layers of clothes were the most unflattering thing, I swear I'm not 12 mos. prego :)

me and Bryce at a little BBQ we had for them on Monday!

us getting to meet Bryce for the first time Thursday morning
Lexi just seriously stares at him the whole time he's here

Preston seriously didn't know what to think, he was completely amazed by him!
I'll probably be falling behinde once again since tomorrows crazy busy and I'm off as of Friday so I shall return, with a crap load of pics I'm guessing and hopefully with no crazy stories about us in the big city or about Chris being solo with the kids!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bugs in my hair...

Lexi came home from school Monday saying in a voice of disbelief " Mom they were checking for BUGS in my hair!" I had a split second of questioning " did they only check you??", nope they were checking everyone, man what a sigh of relief,lol. I'd hope I'd notice if she had lice! So anyway I had to explain that sometimes in school or day care kids can catch bugs in their hair called lice so on and so on... She was very disgusted, what a girl!

Tuesday morning was a morning that could never replay itself anytime soon! Lexi informed me that she didn't want to go to school because "it takes too long" and she just wants to stay in her jammies and watch her shows... Lilly was on the other hand excited about school but was definitely on the whiny side! Preston threw the mother of all fits when Chris and the girls left for school, he just wanted wanted his dad and man did he ever let me know that. Then about 15 minutes later I hear banging at the door and a VERY loud screaming Lilly, I'm freaking thinkin something happened to her but nope it was that she didn't have school! Chris had this look of horror on his face saying that's how she was as he had to carry her out of the school, screaming crying at the top of her lungs that she wanted to go to school! I was so freakin ticked, I called the school about 15 times (no lie) then finally got through to see what the heck! Everything I have says she has school Mondays and Tuesday 8:50-11:50, they put me through to her teacher and she says "ohh didn't I tell you on "meet the teacher"night that I switched her to Wednesday instead??? NOPE I'm pretty sure you failed to mention that, thanks! So yeah that morning pretty much sucked!

Oh and I was probably the last person on earth to not have an Ipod, but not anymore!! Chris got me the new little nano for my anniv. gift, I think this was the first year that I really had no clue! I never really wanted one, never thought I'd use it but with going to the gym it'll definitely come in handy! Now I know I was definitely the only one there without an Ipod! I broke it in last night while I was doing laundry, it was great but I told Chris maybe I shouldn't have one cause alls I could see were little mouths moving saying "MOM", "MOM", the great thing is i didn't hear anything but music,lol!! This little thing could get me in trouble! Awww it was great, I was in a whole different world, the laundry went by so much faster and funner!

Monday, September 8, 2008

What a week!

First and for most, I'm an Auntie! Little "Bryce Scott Lewis Savage" weighed in at 6lbs. 11 oz, not too bad for being 3 weeks early!

He's so adorable and I can't wait to see him Thursday!

Today is our 7th anniversary and what an awesome time these years have been!I feel so blessed with our lives and how things have ended up! We've gotten to do so many great things through these years, 3 of them being, bringing our 3 little munchkins into this world! In a world that goes by so fast I just want to pause time and really enjoy every day , I swear I just blinked and 7 years just flew by, seems like yesterday we were dancing the night away to this . It's been a wild ride and I can't wait to see what the next 7 years brings us!

Sorry these are so bad, too lazy to scan them in!
Pics of pics are awful!

Lilly heading to "meet the teacher"

A BBQ at the Farrells

Lilly's first day of school!

Snuck in a great bargain amongst the crazy week...
.82 cents!!!
Melanie brought me back the cutest Jessica Simpson shoes ever from Vegas!
In one week I went to see Mamma Mia 3 times, I'm usually not a musical kinda girl but I LOVED this one!
Just had to throw in a pic of the little man!