Monday, March 31, 2008

Here it is!

Well here's my hutch! I love it, not as fancy as my inspiration pic but it works for me! I don't have any milk glass *yet* like the original but I'll be working on that... So for now it just has whatever I pulled together from the rest of the house in it! I do need to get a few more scrapbook papers to finish the top shelf and figure a better way to make the paper a bit more permanent but you get the idea!

Saturday night I went scrapbooking down at the scrapbook store, got 2 layouts done and then made this to hang in our living room. I haven't got the ribbon yet to tie it all together but again you can see the basic idea!

and what better way to start a Monday morning than making a Walgreen's run and getting all this for $11.00, the pic is missing another case of Pepsi since Chris snagged on his way to work! I'm SUPER excited about the Scrubbing Bubble Shower thing, I mean who wants to clean a shower?? Not Me!! So I'll report back and let you all know if it really works wonders or not!

As for our weekend besides my projects nothing too exciting happened, pretty boring actually! Chris worked Saturday, the kids and I just hung out at home, then I went scrap booking that night til around 1am, Sunday did my hutch, hung out and got to indulge watching my new Fav. show, "The Big Give" seriously I love it so much, I cry like a big baby every week, but I love it! I'm gonna be so sad when it's over!

OK 1 more little story then I must go do something productive! So when I got home from scrap booking Sat night I did the usual got my keys ready while I was still in the car, got my 3 bags of scrap booking stuff and then my purse and headed to the house. Well I was about half way to the door and I hear this like scuffle and someone running towards me from the bushes behind me, yes I seriously think my heart stopped and it all happened sooo fast, my body just froze I couldn't even get my voice to work, it was friggen Chris! Obviously I'm glad it was him but seriously are you kidding me? What was he thinkin?!? I seriously didn't know whether to laugh or cry, I was so shaky, all I could get out was a huge " F" bomb,lol! As in what the **** are you doing? What was he doing you may wonder while I'm trying to get my heart jump started again, LAUGHING, nice huh... He's all I can't believe you didn't see me, I was walking across the yard as you were getting ready to pull in blah blah blah.... Now he says he's going to do that to me every time cause he couldn't believe I didn't start throwing punches or something like I should have, ya know he's the good guy just teaching me a lesson, thanx babe for the lesson but if you EVER do that again your sleeping in those bushes you were hiding in :)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Bit Of Everything!

So here's an inspiration piece that I'm going to try and steel the look of! So pretty huh?!? So painting my piece is going to be my weekend project!

So I just had to share a little coupon inspiration picture,lol! My little trip to Walmart last night cost me $2.95 (1.75 of that being tax!) Since moving to Idaho I've acquired this little coupon obsession, I was so bored when we first moved here that I joined this "coupon board" online (yes I know, what a dork!), so since I have a *little* shopping obsession I figured might as well see if I can actually save money while I'm doing it! So now that I've got it down, I'm pretty sure I'll never pay more than .50 for any hygiene product, that's right 50 cents! I have quite the stash of shampoo, I'm talking 85 bottles! I know I'm nuts but when the store is literally paying me to take them of coarse I'm taking it :) So now that I've let the cat out of the bag I'll slowly start posting pics of my crazy stash! Oh and yes Chris thinks I've officially lost it but also thinks is great that I can shop ALL day and spend maybe 20 bucks!

So here's what I have to work with for my inspiration hutch! I picked this up at a yard sale back in AZ right before we moved! Yes one more thing for Chris to think I'm nuts for, of coarse I HAD to have it and lug it all the way to Idaho, I mean can't you see the potential,lol?!?

Opps a little sneak peek at my Glade Flameless candle and Trio stash that Target paid me good money to take! Ohh and that's only half of them...

So I had this HOTTTT date with my hall closet last night! Ugh as you can see it was an utter mess and yes I was embarrassed to post these pics! First off don't judge my house's neatness by this closet,lol! I promise my house is neat and cleaned! Anyway this is the one little closet that gets the total shaft, the kids pull towels out, push them back in, hair things in and out all day, how about lets throw everything out of the shelves looking for band aids because Lexi pinched me or Preston poked me days and yes I just throw whatever back wherever on most day because I can just close the door! So finally enough was enough and I had me a date with the closet :) so here's the before and after! Oh and yes I have DVDs in my hall closet, they're our adult movies, wait let me clarify, not like xxx adult!! Basically anything that's not Disney,lol!

Yesterday Melanie and I took the kiddos to see Horton Hears a Who! It was a dang cute movie and Lilly actually did good, I was kinda worried! After 3 potty trips and 2 "Do we just need to go sit in the car" speeches it ended in success! Mr P. spent the afternoon with dad working, a meeting and a trip to every boys favorite place "Home Depot"!

"Where the kids can be a kid" Yes we also made a trip to good old Chuck E Cheeses on Thursday, fun, fun!

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Here's some pics of our fun little Easter weekend! The kids hunted eggs at the park on Saturday, then Sunday we did our family Easter at the Farrell! The girls were really into the Easter Bunny this year, they were so much fun!
Chris and Preston hunting eggs Sunday!
Chris and I Sunday! He's going to kill me for posting this pic, since it ever so clearly shows his shiny side,lol!
My boys, so cute!
Lexi and dad!

So I did it!!! Here's the dresses I finished on Friday!
Lilly in her dress
So cute!

Lexi hunting eggs Saturday!
Lilly patiently (not!) waiting for the egg to turn green!
After the Easter Bunny stopped by...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Girls Weekend!

A couple of weekends ago my Aunts best friend Angel from Phx. came to visit! It was great to see her and have a girls weekend! Friday night we had some yummy dinner at T.G.I.F, then headed off to down town Boise to show Angel the sights! Saturday we went shopping ALL day and hit every scrapbook store in the area, had lunch at Joe's Crab Shack, SO FUN! Then Saturday night with all our new cute scrapbook finds, we scrapbooked til 2am! Sunday all the girls even the little ones went to the mall, then we headed back to Melanie's for a BBQ! After that the little ones made play dough then at the last minute we decided to catch a 9:00 movie (man I was sooo tired!), we saw Penelope! It was so CUTE! What a fun weekend but man my body was so not used to those late nights! I know I'm a weenie but seriously my bed time is like 9:00,lol so that was a big deal to me!
Lexi and her awesome play dough!
Shopping at the Disney Store!
Lilly with the Easter Bunny!
making Play dough
Grabbing a snack from the hot dog cart down town!

Me down by the river by Joe's Crab Shack!
Movie night
me and my girls
doing what we do best!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Go Lexi!

Well we're back and had a great time! Lexi did so good, we're super proud! Only 4 little girls showed up from her class so I'm thinkin, I bet shes going to be so scared to get up on that HUGE stage without her whole class, boy was I wrong! When I asked her about it she said "NO WAY I'm SOOOO EXCITED MOM" I'm not scared at all, I wish I could dance alone so everyone can just watch me,lol! So I guess next year we'll let her sign up for some solo performances! Anyway they all did a great job! It was so much fun to see all performers in their costumes! So here's a few pics!
Here's Lexi first one on the left (looking at the screen!)

Posing with her Medal

Second to the left

Miss Lilly
Chris Preston and Lexi

Me and the kiddos!
So we have one more Competition before the season is over, we'll be headed to Salt Lake City in May! I'm super excited about this one since it's at the Lagoon amusement park! How fun will that be?!?

Friday, March 14, 2008

Road Trip!

So we're off this afternoon on a little road trip to Pocatello! Lexi has her semi finals clogging competition there on Saturday at 11:00. The kids are super excited to go stay in a hotel and I'm just dreading it because if its like any of the other times I swear the hotel staff slip our kids crack because they're total spazzes and never want to fall asleep! So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they'll be ANGELS, lol!! So besides the sleep issues it should be a fun little trip and hey maybe we'll even catch a glimpse of Elder Porter (Brett) making his rounds! I'm sure our blog will be on picture overload when we get back, so sorry in advance :) ! Hope everyone has a great weekend and if your up for a road trip here's where we'll be!! Oh come on, I can guarantee you a migraine after being around 1,000's of tap shoes, IT'S GREAT FUN!