Friday, March 27, 2009

10 inches...

Sniffle Sniffle

What can I say, I LOVE my Lilly's hair...
Everyone loves Lilly's hair...
It was her "staple" I don't ever recall going somewhere, where someone didn't comment on her long locks...
but lately my little girl thinks she needs to grow up and get her first haircut. Yep I said first, she's never even had a trim!
and this is how she spent the rest of the night, loving every second of her hair in the mirror.
She even wanted it shorter, but we cut just enough to donate to Pantene, I hope she'll grow it again and we'll continue to donate until she get old enough to do whatever she wants with her hair! Lexi and I have to live vicariously through her because our hair is thin stringy straight, nobody would want our wig!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

3 days of pics!

So we're going on day 4 here and so far we've got to go and see all sorts of fun interesting things!

Here's Nana and Lexi as we're starting our outing on Saturday!

Me and my sis!

The girls!

Shelby took the girls on a walk to take pics!

Nana and Lilly Tuesday!

My Lilly pie!

Lexi and Braden coloring.

Saturday night my mom took us (Chris and I )to Riverdale to eat at the Riverdale Lodge. Along the way you pass the Sakakawea Lake, which is more like the ocean 178 miles long, it was beautiful and a little frozen.

Us at dinner.

There's sooo many deer here!

us at the lake

There's lots of old beautiful churches around.

Yesterday we went to Bismark and went to this restaurant called Aliens, the kids had a blast, well the adults did too!

(My brother and Chris)

My mom and the grandkids + 1!

Kickin some trash at Ski Ball

Lilly Braden and Lexi
Lexi and Aunt Shelby
Chris and the girls

After lunch my mom took all of us girls to get our nails done, Fun fun!!

Chonny, me, Lexi, Lilly and my mom!

Mine and Lilly's finished products!
All in all we've had a fun exhausting last few days!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Trip post #1

3am came way too early on Friday... After the last minute loading of the car and getting everyone out the door we hit the road at about 5:30. Those few little inches on the map sure made for a long day on the road, 16 hours to be exact! The kids were really good considering we only stopped for lunch to actually get out and eat, even though it was a quick bite at Mc Donald's, breakfast and dinner were drive though on the road, we stopped I believe 5 times for gas/potty breaks and 2 times at a rest stop. We've got to travel and see some beautiful country so far. So here's some pics on the drive up!

Big Sky Montana.

The prettiest Mc Donald's I've seen.
(West Yellowstone)

Also the priciest Mc Donald's, this was the cheapest thing, all the other meals were 9.00-10.00, crazy!

Enjoying our gourmet hamburgers!

Maybe they're organic???

Somewhere in Montana

We only had one of these episodes the whole ride!

Not too bad, but he did have 2 puking episodes, yuck!

Some entertainment on the rd,
Being serenaded by Chris,lol
Pit stop!
We're here for a whole week so there will be many more pics to come!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

BrInG iT oN!!!

Last Friday was Lexi's state competition for dance in Pocatello, ID.
There was lots of giggles coming from that backseat the whole way there!

Always have to have a rest stop pic!
This picture is so classic, sometimes beauty hurts!

All smiles again
Make-up time!

They didn't know what camera to look at! The whole group with their teacher Heidi!
They were pretty much awesome!
So awesome in fact...
that they took...

1st Place in state for their age group!!! I believe they competed against 7 other classes!

Getting ready to chow down some dinner after a long day!

showing off her medal, the class keeps the trophy.

Saturday we hit some scrapbook stores, Lexi and Riley thought it was great since they all had little play areas!

Melanie and her goods!

This was Lexis 2nd year making it to state and every year it just amazes me how many talented girls there is out there. When you show up at the University Of Idaho you literally step into dance world(for that weekend anyways), 100's and 100's of dancers(they compete in every dance style) ranging from 3 years old to grown women all over the place, getting hair done, make-up done, practicing and lots of sparkly, glittery bright costumes. It's so much fun and a blast to watch! So now we're headed to Utah in May for the worlds largest National Dance Competition!!!