Sunday, August 31, 2008

Finally here's the pics I've been meaning to post! My cruddy pics really don't do it justice and I also left a ton of pics out but ya get the idea!

The front view

the back and side

The front where Chris built on that little deck

the hall way up stairs


back view
bedroom 1
bedroom 2
bedroom 3- it used to have a wall down the middle and the windows had wood over them and half the room was painted black, so they either like photography or they were just weird!!
bathroom on the 3rd floor

shower in the basement
laundry room in the basement
stairs coming up from the basement
stairs coming from the 3rd floor down to the main floor
from living room looking into dining room and hallway to both stairways and kitchen
down to the basement
t.v. room in basement
half bath and the landing where you head to the garage or basement

the landing where the 1/2 bath is
the dining room. The door that's open is a swinging butlers door, I love it!
looking from one side of the living room into the sun room
bath in basement
huge transformation in here, before there was 2 showers and to toilets right next to each other and it was all just concrete, totally creepy!
looking at the butlers corner in the kitchen
Everything turned out more beautiful than we expected especially the original hardwood floors, everyone thinks they're brand new! The whole house is hardwood except the stairs and t.v. room in the basement! This is seriously my dream home, it has sooo much space and the storage alone would sell it to me!Oh and the sunlight in this house is amazing, the whole house is windows! So it was officially listed last week so now we just wait and keep our fingers crossed!

Friday, August 29, 2008

The Big Day

So the big day came and went! She was so impressed with everything they did at school and can't wait to go back again and again. Lets hope her enthusiasm sticks around for many more years!
the front yard pose

Lilly giving her goodbye kisses!

in front of school pose (Nicole the sign made Chris think of Jed,lol how sweet!)

Walking to her class, she was such a big girl!

Mrs. Lohse introducing her to some kids on the playground and meeting up with Riley!

We took her to school at 8:30 and stayed til 9:00, I watched her through the double doors playing on the playground (parents aren't aloud to be on the playground!) til the bell rang and it was time to line up! It seriously broke my heart to think I just have to let her go and play and meet friends on this huge playground all by herself. I would never let her do that on my watch and now I have to because that's what they do at school, man this sux! I feared she wouldn't find her backpack amongst the other 600 backpacks scattered along the pavement but she did, she then went and stood in line with the 1st graders when the bell rang in stead of finding her class, that was the worst thing just watching her and not being able to help her! I was so scared that she was scared, what a feeling! So once I made sure she was all settled in her class and heard the teacher say to another parent that the sooner the parents leave the better it is for the kids, I made my mopey butt go home. I then did nothing but watch the clock like a nut case, even set my alarm on my cell for picking her up. I got to the school 15 minutes early and just waited and waited with all the other worrier parents out front, finally 12:00 came and here she came with the biggest smile on her face and then went on to tell me every single thing they did and said! It made my day to hear and see how happy she was, she says she loves her teacher, all her new friends and all her new school clothes,lol!

Chris took her this morning alone and I think had a harder time than me with just letting her run off. He said as she walked away to the playground she looked back and said "Dad I'm fine", he called me right away and said he doesn't like all this growing up stuff! Me either!

Day # 2 outfit

She wanted to make sure Nana could see her Turtle Capris!

This was all I could do to save this pic!

So as a warning I'm sure I'll be posting pictures of her everyday to show off her and her new school clothes to the Grandparents!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Imagine her dreams tonight....

she couldn't wait to go to sleep.....
So she could get up and put her new school clothes on and start her first day school!
She's so excited...
I'm so sad...

Meet The Teacher!

Last night was "the BIG night" to go find out if Lexi was in a.m. or p.m. kindergarten and see who her teacher was!

She was very excited to get her picture taken (of coarse!)

We found out her cousin Riley is also in her class!

She basically just stared at her teacher Mrs. Lohse in awwww the whole time!

in front of the school!

heading home...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lake time and a Hair cut

The price you pay when your having too much fun and forget to put sunblock on! My face is still currently looking like a lobster!

Sunday we went to Oregon, to Ohwyhee Reservoir with the Dines and Farrells for one last trip before school starts!

We got there Sunday morning and stayed til almost dark! Here's Tanner at a random dock we stopped at!

My Lexi posing, she had an absolute blast and is finally not scared of the boat!

Lilly enjoying the ride!

the beautiful sunset!

Justin throwing Preston in to me!

Prestons first time fishing and dad missed it :( (Chris was working in Donnely, about 3 hrs. north of where we live)

me and my Lillers

Everythings always good when you have Goldfish!

Lexi and I had a little girls morning, I took her to get her hair cut for the first time at a Salon! I'm hoping this cut makes the mornings easier! I'd hate to have to send her to school every morning with big puffy eyes from crying while I brush her hair!

Of coarse we made it through all summer with no sunburn and the week before school starts, right under her eyes got toasted!

So cute!

We all love it and she's not so secretly hoping that everyone at school will say "Lexi your hair is sooo cool"! She's such a nut!