Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall 2010 Field Trips!

I have been lucky enough to tag along on a few field trips this last week! Lilly's whole Kindergarten class got to go to Linder Farms ( click on that link and check out their corn maze, just another crazed Bronco fan for sure!!) which has been our favorite Pumpkin Patch thus far in Idaho!

Of course it decided to be windy that day...

The hay ride out to the patch...

Lilly and her 2 best buds (her words!)

getting ready to go through the corn maze!

and her perfect little pumpkin, the rules were they could only pick one that they could carry all the way back to the bus!

It was a fun day spending some time with Lilly!

Now on to Prestons trip...

Preston and the rest of his pre-school class got to take a little field trip to this mans ranch, SYMMS Fruit Ranch. We drove up to the plant where he boarded the bus and pointed the way to one little amazing spot where the kids could pick Apples to their hearts content! I could have watched the whole experience for hours, you could just see the utter joy in his eyes watching all these "youngsters" enjoying his Ranch and loving every question they had for him!

Picking away...

My favorite picture of the day!


Ohhh how I love this time of year!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Kloe!

A year has already flown by and our baby girl is now 1!

She had a "Look Whoooos Turning 1" party!

Melanie once again helped me make our little Kloes party a perfect one!

The kids did lots of jumping in the castle!

Kloe was spoiled with gifts!

We set up a little "photo booth"


Kloe had her own little jump house!

Chris and Kloe, he had flown in the day before and couldn't get enough lovins from her!

My friend Katie made Kloe her own awesome cake to dig into!!

It was yet another great party and thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate our Klo-bear!

School Days Fall 2010.

We started this school year with Lexi entering 2nd grade, Lilly Kindergarten and Preston Pre-school!!

Lilly has am Mrs. Rimby and absolutely loves every second of being at school!

Our girls are getting so big!

Lexi has Mrs. Connor who is so much fun and truly cares about her students! Lexi has had a few rough mornings actually getting to school without tears but she's all smiles by the end of the day and always says her day was great! She is just soooo not a morning person, which makes my mornings not so fun!

We *heart* our Wilson School!

The kids have to follow a strict dress code/ uniform this year. The can wear SOLID color polos in any color besides black, red and navy blue and then their pants have to be either black, dark jean or blue! I personally don't mind the change at all, cause I love little girls uniforms with knee socks and we can still so far accessorize how ever we want!

Preston started school 2 weeks after the girls and was NOT happy to be going at all!!! (he doesn't have to completely follow the dress code rules til Kindy!) He cried and cried and cried......

I was able to at least snap a few pics before the meltdown started and of course he picked a Batman backpack!

the next day he went with no tears!

Chris taking the girls to school! I had to snap a pic since he had missed their first day! They loved having Chris here this last week to take and pick them up but Monday it'll be back to boring ol mom!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

One great tooth...

The day after we returned home, THE TOOTH finally fell out!! It was hanging by a single thread for days.....
She had been dreaming of the endless possibilities for weeks of what she was going to get with her money.
That night she fell asleep just like this on our downstairs couch, we weren't touching her :) so there she stayed!

the first thing we heard the next morning was "WOW that must have been one great tooth"

Yes, yes it was!

My sweet Lilly looking so cute toofless!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


The Fogle G-parents, Corey and his boys pulled in literally 5 minutes behind us as we were getting home from ND! They came for a short visit and some grandkid lovins before they had to hit the road again back to AZ and then Corey and Chris hit he road back to ND so Corey can do the flooring in the house Chris is doing.... So yes that means me and the kids are all by our lonesome getting ready for a new school year to start! I'm so proud of Chris and his extraordinary talent as a builder, the man really has an eye like no other, him having to travel sometimes has such a mix of emotions for me, it just plain sucks having him gone but it's pretty amazing to have people from 1,000's of miles away wanting HIS work, awesome!!

anyway...lots of just hanging out!

and of course wrestling

it never ended!

I took the kids to the movies!

Dylan and our kids!

lots of video game playing!

I love this pic, it was the first time Kloe had scene Papa since she was born. She wasn't to sure at first but that didn't last long!!

We put Corey to work on the grill!

The boys

Jim, Corey and the boys had an awesome first time rafting!!

Chris and Justin Kayaked...
maybe they can get Corey on a Kayak next time!!
It was a short visit but we squeezed a ton in, great laughs, Olive Garden, shopping, rafting, movies, bbq, re- packing for a trip, not too bad in 3 days! It was so great seeing the boys, it had been far too long!!

Coming home with twice as much!

I love shopping while we're on the road, I know it doesn't make sense but everything just seems like a must have, even when I have to carry things on my lap for 16 hours....

Needless to say everyone enjoyed getting out of the cram packed car to stretch their legs every once in a while....( told Chris he should have brought the trailer!)

my little angel resting so good in her new big girl seat, which you know takes up more room too considering we were hauling 2 baby seats home now...

and because we're FREAKIN CRAZY we got Tiggy our Chihuahua a pal! Like I don't already have enough to deal with while Chris is out of town, why not just stick needles in my own eyeballs... I do have to say though as a not so much dog lover that these little girls are great and I barely even notice we have them!