Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It's pretty sad when.....

You get a call from the neighbors across the street
asking if Preston is supposed to be going to bed....

Of course he's in bed, it's 9:00pm!
Nope -we're pretty sure he's standing in his window!
holy crap, he is!
What a stinker!
I'm pretty sure he was planning on running away-
with that one girl shoe he has on :)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Eagle Island.

Friday after Chris and the Farrells got off of work we all headed to Eagle Island Park to check it out! It was a pretty neat place, awesome toys, swimming, water slide and tons of space to do BBQs. Great, cheap fun for $4.00 a car to get in (it's a state park)! After that we bribed Kolbi with pizza to watch all the kids so the adults could go out to eat at Outback,yummmy! She definitely got the short end of that deal!
Lexi showing off her awesome rock climbing skills, lol

Lilly and Preston
Chris and Preston skipping rocks!
the kiddos
and of course the big kid taking a turn!
All in all a great time!
Blah Blah Blah, Gym talk...
So I'm entering week two of the gym, woohoo! I went every day last week but Sunday! Although my intentions were to be there Sunday, I was in "dieing" pain, lets just say I got my butt whipped at the Gym on Saturday, so Sunday I could barely sit to pee (I know way TMI, but seriously...) let alone waddle up the stairs at the Y to get to the gym floor,lol! I do have to say though today I feel great, switched up the treadmill program this morning to something that better just melt the fat off, cause man.... Anyway I know gym talk is boring and annoying so always feel free to skip on over my gym talk as you wish, I'm just trying to post about it to keep me excited about it so I don't give up/quit :)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Feel The Burn...OUCH!!

Well hopefully today is a new beginning for a more healthy life! I bit the bullet and dragged myself to the gym for the first time ever in my life! I've been going back and forth for months (more like years) now on joining a gym, I was beyond scared that I'd the the biggest one there, the slowest, quit and run out crying, pretty much all the worst scenarios ran through my head. So at 6:45 this morning I showed up with Melanie and she gave me the run down. I made it through the whole 1:45minute workout, but don't get me wrong it wasn't the easiest I actually sweat and I think I actually stunk like sweat, well I actually know I did, GROSS!! I really hope I stick to it, I have to! So I'll probably start a weight loss ticker on my blog, now don't even think I'm actually putting my weight on there!! I'll just be doing a count down on my pounds I loose till I get to my goal, which in all will be.... well you'll see it in the ticker! Well here's to wearing those cute baby doll shirts without looking prego in it ;)

On another note, last Sat. Chris went Kayaking down the Payette River! He took lessons when we first moved here at the YMCA but had never actually went on the river! He loved it, only fell out once and can't wait to go out again!

I'm so glad he went out and did something fun for himself, I'm pretty sure that's the first time since we've had kids or maybe even been married that he's gone and did something fun like that!

Here's a few pics I found online of the Payette, just to give you an idea of what it's like!

Just a random pic...
The "BESTEST COUSINS" wearing their rain boots, just cause they thought they were cool!

Aren't you just lovin Lexi's look?? Yeah I get it often....

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Nothing new...

It's been a rather boring week, so I decided to finally post the rest of our 4th pics! We went to my Uncle's sisters house in Homedale which is about 30 minutes away. They have a beautiful home out in the country that everyone migrates to for the 4th! They have acres of "golf coarse" grass, a HUGE swimming pond, horses and all sorts of other fun stuff! They put on a great fireworks show, it's definitely the next best thing we've found besides Heber :)

Preston doing what he loves!

Just trying to show how awesome their yard is, see the tractor to the left of the pond? The crazy boys were all doing flips off of it into the water. I guess that's how they roll in the country,lol! Although I was sure to inform Chris if he broke his neck I wasn't down with feeding him mashed peaches! :)

Mr. P waiting for the boom booms

Lexi in the pond earlier in the day, the water was/is so perfect and clean with a nice sandy bottom! My kind of "pond"

Lilly and Riley

Chris with one of the Elders, Lexi on the horse!

Lilly on a horse for the first time, she loved it!

Lexi got on any and every chance she could get!

Preston wasn't having any of that riding horse stuff!

Monday, July 14, 2008

So Bummed...

So my family just left and we're so bummed! The kids and I were supposed to go home with my mom and then Chris would drive up and get us in two weeks. Well all of a sudden Saturday she had major car problems and a long expensive story short, I just dropped her off at the Airport to pick up her rental and watched her drive away in a BeAuTiFuL blue Mustang that had no room for me or my tribe of kids! So here I sit trying to cover up my sadness with a bowl of cherry ice cream (the last thing I need!), I'm so mad at myself cause I only got one picture of my mom with only Lexi, I thought I was going to have the next 2 weeks to take hundreds... Saying goodbye was not any easier than when they moved, Lexi cried for hours, Lilly just keeps saying "nana needs me" over and over, my heart just breaks for them! We're already missing them and they've only been gone 4 hours and I've already talked to them 3 times, yes I know I'm a big baby! OK I need to get out of my "cup half empty" mood, I'm ALWAYS a "cup half full" girl, so on that note I really loved having the few days I had with them! We did way too much shopping, ate out way too much, got to sneak off to the movies, my girls got to sleep/snuggle with their Nana and Aunt Shelby and we got to enjoy Robby's perma grin, I couldn't of asked for anything more. Well maybe a few more days :)....

Here's my one pic :(

Thanks mom for giving me the best surprise, love you!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Slacking on the blog front...

BUT for good reason! Tuesday afternoon the kids and I had just got home from running around, I had just got the kids down for naps, just in time to get in my cheesey hour of my soap and hopefully a blog update. A few minutes later I hear knocking at my door, I peak out the front window to see no car, not really wanting to answer the door, but not wanting the knocking to wake Preston I go ahead and answer, SURPRISE, it was my mom, sister and brother, I about died, they left me speechless! I had NO idea they were coming here (hence my messy house!!) I had just talked to them, they were "going to the lake". It's been 1 loooooong year since they've moved and we've seen them, so it was a much needed surprise ( I'm sure our phones love us for the break of the 20 phone calls a day :) ) So needless to say the kids have been on cloud nine, having their Nana here, she took them school shopping, shopping and more shopping, the big girls got to sneak out to dinner and a movie last night, and this morning we're headed to the farmer market. Anyway just wanted to give a heads up on my slacking, even though my most avid reader I'm sure is here!!!

and because I just can't post a blog without a pic, here's Lexi and Preston playing in PEACE, what a beautiful thing!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Parade

So I'm just starting with the parade pics from the 4th, the rest will soon fallow!

My little super star Lexi

Preston was all about getting all the candy!
The girls getting their hands painted

Melanie and Kolbi

The kids doing the tight rope

Rhett and Charlotte


Riley and Lexi


Me and my Lillers
We had a great warm time at the parade this year! The kids were really into it, which actually made it worth it for once,lol! They all made out in the candy department, fun for them, the aftermath not so fun for us :)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Getting ready!*!*!

Tonight we took the kids to go get some fire works for tonight and tomorrow! They were quite intrigued with walking up to these mobile stands with all those big brightly colored things that we told them would make loud noises and sparkle in the sky.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Some friends invited us out on the lake yesterday, so off we went! We had so much fun! I can't believe we've lived here for 2 years and we haven't taken advantage of Lake Lowell that's a measly 7 miles from our house! So I had my first tubing experience and it was way fun! I was so scared to get out there, I mean Chris could throw me off the Jet Ski all day long no problem but I had a total fear of falling off the tube and never tried it til last night. I do have to admit though that I am a bit sore today, I think I used muscles that I didn't even know I had so I wouldn't get thrown from the tube,lol! Once again our little thrill seeker Lilly had a blast, she gave me a heart attack, but man that girl loved the boat, swimming and being pulled on the tube! Her first ride she went with Chris holding her, then her next she went on her belly and holding on the straps for dear life her self (Chris was next to her,2 seater), man I wish I had her passion! Lexi our cautious one didn't really warm up to the whole boat thing til about the last hour. There was no way in the world she was getting on the tube, I truly felt for her, seeing the look of fear as she watched everyone on the tube. She was so scared they were going to get hurt! Preston, he'd do whatever as long as it was with dad! So here's the few pics I got of our adventure, of coarse my battery died, but thankfully Melanie had her camera to take over!

Riley and Jace

taking a swim break!

Carol and I

Kolbi and Lexi, see she was already scared just backing in the boat!
Me and Lilly, definitely not a flattering pic but man she is so adorable and excited!
Chris, Justin, Lilly and Preston