Thursday, February 25, 2010

For the love of Chocolate!

She has yet to eat baby food but man did this girl love her some chocolate! Tuesday Kloe spotted Lexi with her chocolate cone, she then rolled her little self on over to where Lexi was sitting and just stared at her. Lexi asked if she could give her a little on her lips and lets just say the rest is history!

scoping out the yumminess her sister is holding!

It's like she was a natural.

some good stuff!

She really just liked to rub her lips on it.

just a little more...

oh Miss Kloe, mommy feels like that too when you kids steal my chocolate!

oh so mad

We're so mean to torture our little Klo-bear!

Awww Lexi got rid of her cone and then gave her some lovins and all was better!

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Pied Piper.

Last Monday Lexi had the opportunity to audition for the Pied Piper play put on by the Missoula Children's theater! I can even say how proud of her I am about this, not that she got a part but that she put her self out there and auditioned! I would have never done that, would have been way too embarrassed, so one of my number 1 things as being a mom is to encourage my kiddos to at least try everything once, hence football last season! All the children in this play amaze me so much, auditions were Monday and their first performance was Friday, talk about a LOONGGGG busy week for these kids, some of the kids practiced for 5 hours every day AFTER school, Lexi practiced for 2 hours a day, but when school doesn't even get out til 3:50 here it makes for some hungry tired kids!!

waiting to audition for the Pied Piper!!

She got the part of one of the rats!!!

We got there way early for good seats at the 3:00 performance Saturday, good thing!

Kloe waiting for the big show to start!

ohhh she's so cute!

doing their little dance {Lexi middle}

The whole Pied Piper cast

Lexi and Ariel!

All the RATS! {Lexi top row 1st on the left!}

Amy doing Lexi's makeup!

coming out of the dressing room! I would have loved to record all the girls from the play singing while they were getting ready (their voices, not them!) they had the most beautiful voices, the were singing "a whole new world", "hakuna matata" and then they stepped up the beat with "All the single ladies", they were all so much fun and I'm so stinkin happy Lexi got to experience all this!

my cute little rat!

They did 3 performances in all, each 1 1/2 hours!

the councilors

The Mayor, looking for the children...

Amy and Andy were the two actors that taught the kids the play, as well as Amy being the "Mayor" of Hamelin, she also had an amazing voice!

Lexi and her favorite "Baker"

Lexi and Ariel, they were both shocked to see each other at the audition, they danced together for 2 years and then this year we didn't do dance cause their dance studio didn't have enough little ones to teach, but now that we're back in contact we have some happy little girls!!

Heading home at 10:00 Sat. night, she was on a performance high!

her flowers we got our little star!

We can't wait for next year when MCT comes to town again! They are truly amazing, traveling to every state and 16 countries to reach over 65,000 kids a year to give them the opportunity to experience theater, AWESOME!! If they come near your city I'd definitely recommend getting your little ones to try out or even go check out the show with the family, you won't be disappointed!!

Oh and am I the only person who didn't know the story of the Pied Piper?!?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Just another day full of L-O-V-E

Chris and I were able to sneak off for a bit Saturday night for dinner then we met up with the Farrells for bowling and then dessert! We had our little accessory in tow, our little Kloe! She still sleeps the whole time in her seat while everyone gawks over our little cutie, so its just like I'm carrying an extra purse!!

I truly feel speechless when I try to describe an inkling of how lucky I feel to have Chris, he's my everything and I honestly don't know how I got so lucky! He treats me like a queen, goes above and beyond for our family always and would literally give a stranger the shirt off his back, he's such a hard worker and then comes home at the end of the day and works twice as hard here, he makes me laugh every. single. day of my life, he constantly makes me feel like I'm the only girl in the world, he's my rock. I believe this was our 11th Valentines Day together and he gave me my most special gift yet, a hand written card/letter noting special times we've shared and.....well just things that completely melted my heart, what a great memory he has!! There's nothing better than the feeling of being truly loved!

The kids of course had class parties, both of which I had to miss because of Lilly and her lovely vomit :)

my Lexi love!

P-man getting ready for his party!

Sunday night we had a little special yummy dinner at home!

We had this !!

then Chocolate ice cream and strawberry shortcake for dessert!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentines treats!

Just thought I'd post a couple of cute and EASY Valentine goodie ideas! I made these for a little craft sale I did last Saturday {with Mel}, so fun!
Cake Balls anyone?? These are absolutely to die for and what a cute little gift a bouquet of these would make! Here's the recipe!

and these I just made up I guess, large mellows dipped in some Wilton melts, add some festive sprinkles and pop in a sucker stick and walla total cuteness!!
I also made these and they were quite the hit, forgot to take a pic of my own...
Happy Valentines!

some Super Bowl bonding

This here is one little girl who L-O-V-E-S her daddy, from the minute he walks through the door her eyes are all about him!

So it was only natural that they watched the Super Bowl together!

Eventually she got a little heavy!

must have been an interesting point in the game!

us girls agree and think big guys in spandex is funny!

then the rest of the game pretty much played out like this...

lots of razzberries

getting so excited

and excited again

lots of lovins

getting a little tired

and then finishing the game like this!