Saturday, June 28, 2008

Life's A Chair Of Bowlies...

A great excuse to use my favorite Mary Englebright saying!


Yesterday Melanie and I headed out to a Ranch and picked up tons of mouth watering cherries! Now we'll see if I'll actually be all domesticated and actually do something with them besides eat them til I have sores on my tongue!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Am I on crack?!?

Obviously NO, but holy crap I'm such a retard! I was just looking over my page and I realised I put that we'll be married 6 years in September, ummm must have forgot a year cause it'll be 7 years in September! Then I see I put Lexi is 6 when she's totally 5! Seriously I have no idea what I was thinking, well I obviously wasn't!! OK just had to point out my retardness (is that a word?) Off to fix my mistakes!

FYI - spell check just informed me it's not a word, but I'm just going to go ahead and go with it today! :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Playing catch up...

What better way to kick off summer than with a PB&J sandwich and a trip to the zoo!

Lexi heading to the movies for Riley's Birthday

Poor little guys, they wanted some popcorn so bad!

My little "P" man looking way too big to be sitting in that stroller!

Can't pass up these cute little birdies!

Saturday morning Melanie and I went to the Boise Farmers market down town, so awesome!
I picked these beautiful flowers from 100's and 100's to choose from, it was like flower heaven! Then I found this awesome hanging basket that I just "had" to have to put by our front door! That sucker is huge, could barely lift it into the car! I absolutely loved the farmers market, I'm sure you could find me there just about every weekend now, for 1. down town Boise is just awesome, 2. all the fresh veggies and flowers are to die for, 3. all the fresh bread MMmmmm.....

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Krispy Kreme!

Well in case you didn't know last Friday was National Donut Day! So we decided to take the kids on a little field trip to Krispy Kremes. Sounds fun right? Well as we're standing in line I see "the look" of " I'm going to puke" on Lilly's face and just a I put my hand under her mouth (the things moms do!) and run her to the bathroom. Are you freakin kidding me?? No she didn't make it to the bathroom but man the poor girl tried, lets just say my hand got the brunt of the mess! I'm pretty sure nobody knew what was going on til I come out of the bathroom and Lexi is all but yelling "Lilly are you ok? Did you throw up Lilly? Mom is Lilly sick? So much for being discreet! So we obviously hurry the other kids up to head home! What do ya know, we were almost home and there goes Preston like the Exorcist all over Melanies van, YUCK! So that about summed up our fun day that we were supposed to have!!

So I have to point out how long my hair is in this picture because I chopped it all off on Sunday to right above my shoulders (sniffle, sniffle) Really though I love it and it's a million time more healthy! Pics to come!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The next Picasso??

Probably not, just a rotten, sneaky 2 year old!

These are after I already tried cleaning it, looks like that door is getting a fresh coat of white paint this weekend!

Note to self, don't leave your scrapbooking ink in reach of kids :)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The happenings from last weekend!

I definitely enjoyed my little girls night out to the movies, it felt great to get all dressed up! Chris thought we were crazy and that we were going to be way over dressed for going to the movies but he really has no clue that it's all about the fashion in that movie,lol! Not that my closet since being a mom(I know that is NO excuse) is all that glamorous but I was able to pull at leaste one outfit together that was cute (I think???), most days I'm pretty sure I need to go on the show "What Not To Wear"! By the way we were definitely not over dressed, there were girls that even showed up in shiny, sparkly dresses!

The best news I heard that night though while watching the previews was seeing that my most favorite book will be released as a movie in November!!! I am so dang excited and I'll definitely be waiting in line the day it opens! So girls read this book, have lots of tissues handy and go indulge in a girly movie in November :)

The kiddos got a nice little check in the mail from Nana last week with a note to go have some fun at Build A Bear, so fun is what they had! Lexi and Preston got a bear and Lilly got a Bunny.This was Lilly and Prestons first time there and man did they love it! I was starting to think Preston wasn't going to get into it at all but when the time came to give his bear a bath he loved it!

His favorite part!

Lilly was definitely fascinated!

Putting his bears heart in

Lexi kissing her bears heart

Lexi's finished master piece a Hannah Montana Bear!

Nothing in this world could be more perfect for Lilly, a Bunny Mermaid!

Prestons finished product was a bear with a Batman shirt and their cousin Rileys was a Dinosaur with bunny slippers! The kids had an absolute blast and of course can't wait til we go back again!