Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'm Outie!!!

This is where you can FIND ME as of 5:00 this evening til I mosey on home at some point on Sunday! I'll be there letting my creative juices flow freely til the wee hours of the night, lounging in my comfy clothes and maybe taking a dip in the hot springs...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Some updates!

Easter came and flew by. The Easter Bunny was very good to the kids as usual. They were all really into Easter this year so that made it that much more fun!

Me and my girls!

Preston, of coarse the skateboard had to be in the picture, his newest giving mom a heart attack obsession!

We really lucked out with the weather that day, I was for sure thinkin just cause we got sleeveless dresses it would be cold but it was perfect!

A couple days after Easter Lilly had spotted her Nerds I hid so well, she then conspired with her partner in crime and convinced me to let them have a whole box of Nerds for breakfast. Can I get a "Mother of the year" shout out please??? She then came to me a bit later and told me that she'd like to go outside and plant her Nerds so a candy tree will grow! Man I love this girl! She is sooo unbelievably engrossed in her own fairy tale 99% of the time. I love that she's so oblivious to what a crazy world we all live in. I know it's a lot to do with her age but even her poor sister didn't get her imagination, Lexi is unfortunately just like her mother and worries herself to death. So I can't say enough how much Lilly makes me smile seeing her fully believing in Mermaids, candy trees, talking animals, nights full of adventurous dreams of Octopuses coming and taking her to swim at the bottom of the ocean with them and pots of gold at the end of rainbows. Wouldn't you love it if those were the things that consumed you?

Really though this last week has been rather boring. Lexi's been sick since last week, I thought she was getting better but last night her evil ears kicked in, which made for a long night. This morning the Dr. got her in right away and I feel horrible cause she has a nasty double ear infection,poor girl. The Dr. showed me the inside of her ear and it was the grossest bloody thing ever, man the guilt really kicked in then. She's probably had this all week and I made her suffer! So for now she's all doped up watching a red box movie and we'll see what the Dr. says in 10 days!

Speaking of 10 days that when we get get to see if we're buying Pink or Blue this time around!!!

My dear Nicole Coombs asked if I had a little baby bump yet... girl do I ever! Considering nothing about me is ever small, why would I ever think any of my pregnancies would prove other wise,lol. I've definitely got the bump, a bump probably the size of some FORTUNATE 9 month delivering ladies! Here's a sneak peek... yes my head is cut off for 2 reasons 1. my face gets more prego then my belly 2. I had crying eyes from watching Extreme Home Makeover!

4 months to go!

On to Albertsons!
If your Sunday had the doublers in them for Albertsons it was/is a great week!



Thursday, April 9, 2009

Baseball & Bunnies

The last week the weather has been amazing! I think spring is finally here to stay! Every night Lexi wants everyone to engage in a game of ball, in which she completely makes up her own rules to fully benefit herself. It's quite comical, I love it!

Uncle Robby took his catcher job nice and seriously, even though he almost got knocked out a few times with those crazy kids holding a bat.

We made these for Lilly's class on Wednesday!

Today we decided to let the bunnies out, they haven't been out since Fall. Poor things ran around like crazy enjoying some freedom!

Preston playing some ball this evening, he pretty much thinks he's the coolest right now cause he got to go to "school" today. We went for pre-k testing.
This week has pretty much been low key, which I'm completely fine with!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday already???

Seriously where has the week gone? I feel like we were just dieing making our last hour stretch coming back from ND to get home yesterday, but it's already almost been a week, crazy! We decided to drive straight through again just to have one "normal" day before school started back up, which got us rolling in at about 1am Sunday morning! We had a great time visiting with my mom, brother and sister! We got to go do and see lots of fun stuff, we ate so much yummy food (dreading my next Dr. appt.!), shopped, got spoiled, got nails and hair done, watched movies, played the Wii, had more yummy food, got to help my sis buy new clothes for Europe next month and just got to hang out!! We brought Robby back with us and so far I think he's having fun, he's been going to work with Chris everyday, being his clean up guy. The girls like to call him Uncle Robby the worker boy,lol. Yesterday was parent teacher conference, both girls got great reports which makes us very happy!! Lexi will be working a little harder on dance this next month, because she'll be doing a solo at nationals. They have to make something up all by themselves so that should be interesting! So that's the latest here, although the next month or so we have some fun things to look forward to : finding out what baby is!!, Lagoon!!, Ikea, Kindergarten graduation and Summer!!!


and as usual can't forget the bargains this week!

Walgreens-Free, free, free!!! Actually made about .60-.75 on each shave gel!

Walmart/ Albertsons- 5.00!! There was 2 bags of Iams but Chris gave one to the neighbor when he was unloading, we don't even have a dog but free is free!

Walgreens 3. and some change!
I also have since got 10 more boxes of cereal from Albertsons at .17 a box, great deal!