Friday, October 23, 2009

3 years ago...

I was loving on this chunky love!!

this was our first Fall in Idaho.

We propped the P. man right in front of the slide while we started the never ending raking!

Now here he is 3 years later! I didn't realize how much he had grown til Kloe came. He's definitely a little boy now, ALL boy (besides when his sisters make him play dress up,lol), rough, rough and more rough! Although baby Kloe tames this lion like no other!
Anyway I just had to post these pics when I realised I had got the same shot of him the other day as when he was 8 months old!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

and the cute shoes start already!

Our little cutie getting ready to head out for the day!

could her shoes be any more adorable??
Tuesday evening I walked in and found Lexi drawing pictures for Kloe.

she's such a good big sister to "her little Kloe"

then she started to get fussy, so I went in search for the binx...

and came back to find this, all under control!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


This here is...

9lbs. 9 oz.

21 inches

of adorable Kloe.

1 month & 1 day old

Tonight after getting Kloe ready for bed we had a mini photo shoot so I could post her 1 month stats! She's as healthy as can be and growing perfectly at the 50% range in weight and height! She's such a little sweetie and we seriously can't get enough of her!

A Sunday Drive.

Sunday morning we all packed up and headed out in search of some beautiful Fall foliage. The mountains seemed to be the perfect place to head to, the river runs along the whole drive, it's only an hour and a half from home...

but still mostly green...

the clouds just hoovered right above our heads

perfect time for an impromptu family pic!

Preston was scared of the river, go figure the kid who usually wants to spend 24/7 in the water.

then next thing you know it looks like this! So much for the beautiful shades of orange and yellow we were in search of! Still pretty, but it made me want to go home and decorate for Christmas, yes I'm crazy!

Then we headed to THIS cozy little Pizza joint in McCall, so yummy!
Where Kloe enjoyed some nice warm formula.

Lexi warmed up and colored.

then of course we had to spend a small fortune in the arcade, finally someone who's a bigger sucker than Chris for handing out never ending quarters, Papa!
Good to know we still have 13 years before this crazy driver is out on the streets!

then it was time for a much needed change for Miss Kloe! She was so good, she slept the entire day besides, her feeding and being changed at the restaurant. I'm sure those days will be over soon enough though and then the real work starts!

then we said goodbye to beautiful McCall and headed home! What a nice relaxing day!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

You'll sleep through it all, promise!

Friday was Lexi's big day to get her mounds of dental work done. We checked into the hospital at 10:30 and I believe left somewhere around 3:30
she got to pick out that little bear to keep he safe while she was sleeping.

checking her band one last time.

got her cute hat on and off she went. Nothing like seeing your kid go off through the double doors on a hospital bed, even if it is only for dental work, anesthetics are scary!

so back in the waiting room, I did lots of this (yes girls I still hadn't read New Moon)...
Chris did this...

then finally we got to go back once they brought her in to stage 2 recovery. Glad they don't let you see them at stage one cause seeing her like this was hard enough! Her mouth was already starting to swell, she had little bloody nostrils and she would not wake up for us. She must have really liked that sleepy concoction! We waited waited and waited then finally when the hour of stage 2 watching was over and they started to take out her IV she woke up, barely. We dressed her, carried her to the wheelchair and wheeled our groggy Lexi to the car.

Dr. Whitt said ohh most kids just take a little nap and wake up good to go.

not our girl, she was out the rest of the day!

pearly whites.

Last week it was Lilly and Prestons turn with Dr. Whitt, Lilly of course loved him and had no problem letting them do whatever they needed, Preston not so much...

She got her special "superstar photo shoot", Preston held on to my shirt for dear life when it was his turn for some snapshots.

he won, no x-rays for him that day! He then enjoyed all the young pretty girls that worked there swooning over him, cause of course that's more fun anyways right???

Such a difference from when I was a kid, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't have caught me with a smile like that while sitting in a dentist chair! and seriously did I just say "when I was a kid"?? I'm getting old...

open wide!

So in the end Lilly did great in the chair, Preston wouldn't sit in the dental chair but did open wide to at least let Dr. Whitt count and do a quick look at his teeth. We'll try again in six months and I'm afraid he'll be wanting to keep his "hawk" til then so all the assistants will still rave how awesome it is and run their hands over it,lol.

UFC bonding.

UFC has become the sport of choice around the Fogle home over the last couple of years, so of course no time like the present to start breaking little Kloe in!

too bad she slept through the whole thing.

You can bet by the look on that face it must have been very intense, hahaha

Friday, October 2, 2009

Kloe's first bath.

Kloe had her first real bath at 6 days old! She wasn't too thrilled, but maybe it was cause she had quite the audience! She whimpered til she found something to suck on...

this time her little thumb was the victim.
a little more relaxed, maybe even starting to like it!

our cute little duckie all nice and clean.

now down for a good nights sleep!
(she now loves the bath and I love having an extra good smelling baby, there's nothing better!)