Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sink OR Swim....

So while I had this extra free time on my hands while the kids were at VBS I headed down to parks and rec and looked into swim lessons! Now this is a huge deal for me to tackle especially without Chris's help but hey were stepping out of the box this week soooooo I went for it and when they asked if I wanted the kids to start that day I said " uuummmm IIiiii GUESS soooo" yep that's pretty much how I said it. So let me just say I'm a freak around the water with the kids, so that's why it's a big deal to ME to do this with four kids (who love water)all at once with two hands...

So here they are after me threatening them about leaving those steps til their teachers came and got them! YAY FOR RULES.....I mean SWIMMING!!

Lilly and Preston walking to their first lesson!!

Kloe does so good just watching them everyday!

Lilly and her teacher!

time for jumps!

Lexi and her class!

yep those are ALL MINE! ;)

Preston and his teacher!

So as of right now they've got a week and 2 days under their belt of lessons and they're doing great and loving it! I'm also very much looking forward to them being able to swim so I can actually enjoy the water without being a spaz thinkin the kids are going to drown constantly!


Last week I was told if I wanted a little break from the kiddos every day for a couple hours ( wanted/needed, don't judge we were on week 5 without Chris and I'm sure they appreciated the break from me!! ) that there was a VBS going on at a church down the road from us! So I got the kids up bright and early Monday morning and off we went!

This was their first day and actually quite a few kids they know were there, especially the Gigreys, we LOVE them!


This boy cried I left him but from what I hear perked up the minute I walked out the door! He would happily tell me what he did everyday and he had fun so yep I made him go back even through all the tears all week long!

Lexi had a blast all week! Everyday was a different theme for the kids, pirate day, crazy color day, crazy hair day and beach day!

Lilly on beach day and go figure it was cool that day so no actual bathing suits were used!

this was crazy hair day! Notice Lexi pouting, she thought for sure everyone would laugh at her hair, I said that's the point of crazy hair day. She ended up loving it cause she was the only one with hair sticking straight up, my drama queen!!

Will, Nicolas and Preston!

The Fogle and Gigrey kids!

Lexi, Captain Evie and Boogy beard!
So all in all a good week for them filled with fun! The joke now is that I'm just going to drive around looking for churches getting ready to start VBS or whatever they do cause we'll try anything at least once!!