Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bake Day

Of course we had bake day right before Christmas as usual! We ended up with all sorts of delish goodies!

how beautiful are these peanut butter balls?!?

miss Kloe got in on the fun for a bit!

she only wishes she could dive into all those yummy babies!

the finished goods!

all boxed and wrapped up for friends and neighbors!!
We had lots of fun with Elfie this year! He stayed for 10 fun nights and the kids were sad when he headed home with Santa on Christmas Eve!
1. He appeared for his first night with books!
2. He took down all the stocking and replaced them with real socks and then decided to hang out in one!
3. He was very bad one night and tipped over the couch and wrapped it!
4. He hung out with all the girls stuffed animals one night, he was hard to spot wearing a Hannah Montanna build a bear wig!
5. He moved Lexi and Lilly's tree into Kloes room and hung himself up on her wall in a stocking!
6. He dressed up in a Christmas tree build a bear costume and moved lots of presents under himself!
7. He made himself a little tent out of wrapping paper and camped out with some Captain Crunch and some Dr. Pepper!
8. He turned the dining room table and chairs over, wrapped them with lights and hung bowls and pans off all the legs. He got too carried away with the lights and wrapped himself up too!
9. He put a bunch of presents on the ceiling fan and then decided to hang out up there too!
10. On his last night he strung lights through the whole living room, gathered Cinderella, a Care Bear and Superman covered them with blankies and read a Christmas story to them while enjoying cookies and milk under all the lights!!
Til next year Elfie...

Class parties!

I was in charge of Lexi's class party again so another mom and I decided decorating sugar cookies would be fun for all the kids! Goodies plus an activity, win/win!

22 kids plus mounds of frosting, sprinkles and candies, you'd think disaster....

but it wasn't at all!!! They did great and some of their cookies actually looked way cute!
(Lilly loved coming to hang out with her sister for the day!)

Preston also had a little party for Christmas at school!

they got lots of "free" time...

all the kids loved the baby but Preston was very protective over her!

yummy snacks!
and only at school would he get away with playing in a mess of birdseed!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

He's bAAAaaack.....

as usual before he starts his mischief he comes bearing little gifts, books for the older ones and a rattle for Kloe!

she likes...

1st stop, The NORTH POLE!

Last Saturday night we took the kids on a train ride to go see Santa at the North Pole! They had such a blast and you could just see the magic in their eyes, they're true believers! I was a little worried having such a late ride but they did awesome and when we rolled home that night a bit after 11:00 they were already asking when we get to go back!

When we got off at the North Pole Kloe had to snuggle in dads jacket!

our girls with Santa!

What a fun night we had!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Some excited kids!

This was on the porch when we came home yesterday!
he must of liked us last year!

there was an Advent calendar for each of the kids and a note from Elfie letting us know that he'd be making his appearance in about two weeks!

Just what we need in this house...more mischief!

Some Visitors.

Monday night we got a great surprise phone call from my brother Rhett and his cute little family letting us know they'll be joining us for Thanksgiving!!

Then there was a double surprise....

my brother Robby showed up with them, YaY!!!

Kloe and Aunt Charlotte bonded a lot, mostly cuddling and clothes changing is what they did best!

and the itty bitty Bryce, poor boy had three kids coming at him at all times!

We had a great dinner at my Aunts for Thanksgiving!

Me and Rhett.


and as usual we hit up Black Friday!!! Up and at em at 3am, Target was our first stop this year, I was all about the flat screen there and I got it,woot woot! As a matter of fact I got everything I had planned and then some except 1 thing at Walmart! There was 4 of us this year and it was a blast! Nothing better than laughing, shopping and eating yummy food from the weee morning til night!

Saturday night we went down town and did our "Christmas walk"

then came home and had us some Los Betos, Rhett had been dieing to have it since they got here!

It was a great visit, lots of chatting, hanging out, loud kids, playing ps3 til 4am, food, pics, shopping, a birthday party, hanging lights, present wrapping, sneaking off to see New Moon (3rd time for me!), watching Four Christmases at home, football, football and football, not too shabby for a 4 day visit! Thanks guys it was fun!