Monday, September 28, 2009

Go Tigers!

A few weeks ago a paper was sent home from school about flag football. I threw it away at first then thought hmmmm sportsmanship.... It's something that our Lexi lacks in so I asked her if she wanted to play and to my surprise she said yes! I'm pretty sure she still doesn't know what all the "plays" mean but I just tell her "you find the guy with the ball and you chase him til you can steal his flag"! I'm pretty sure we won't play again next season so I don't feel bad for cutting corners right now, it's better than her standing around looking lost when the whistle blows!

Tori came out to cheer on Riley and Lexi for their first game!!

Chris is their defence coach!

the only girl amongst all those boys... She was very happy when one little boy sought her out after their first game to tell her she did great! His mama should be proud!

Go Tigers!!!
So to sum up our thoughts so far on flag football it would be : Practice is the best, games not so much, Lexi has a mean arm, 8am team pictures suck, snacks are good and playing in the park after the games/practice is great!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rose Gardens.

After our day at the zoo we walked over to the Rose Gardens and enjoyed us some beautiful scenery!


I'd like to think he was in deep thought about something world changing but I'm sure it was just about how he could manage to jump in that water without getting in trouble!

Nana and Miss Kloe

Shelby and Lexi

taking a rest after a long day!

Zoo Boise.

Last Friday before my mom headed home we took the kids to the Zoo! We had to get one last trip in to end the summer and it worked out perfectly with the kids being able to enjoy it with their Nana and Aunt Shelby!
My girls!



Lunch break!

Kloe of course did amazing for her first trip to the zoo...she slept the whole time!

Nana and the kiddos

I'm pretty sure we need this Giraffe!

What a great day making great memories!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

2 Weeks of Kloe.

Kloe is two weeks old today and I can't say it enough, she's awesome!

This is how we spend her burping time, on facebook and blogs of course!

Looking so cute in her first Ed Hardy apparel.

Lexi giving her never ending loves before school.

doing a little pose after getting her little butt nice and dry!

first trip to Old Navy!

doing a little posing with her first tutu

Aunt Charlotte loved on her a ton, we're so glad her and baby Bryce came to see us!

Lexi's first stop when getting home from school!

Preston held her a good half hour that morning, he hearts baby Kloe.

Do you see a trend here?? Lexi spends a good 15 minutes with her every morning before school.

Nana lovins.

Her first night home in her bassinet, which she sleeps like a champ in it!!
Couldn't feed her fast enough, so she found her thumb.
Kloe has had a very busy first two weeks, seems like we've been running non stop, lots of visitors, mall trips, restaurants, Zoo, Dr. apt., games, good thing shes a great baby and has slept through pretty much all of it :)
She's the best OOOOOPS ever!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Yep those are the screaming words you could hear through the halls at Lincoln Elementary Tuesday morning. The morning started off great, yAy school or so we all thought! The minute we stepped foot inside the classroom and I said are you going to have a great day Preston with your teacher, the alligator tears started to form and a look of horror overwhelmed his face. Mrs. Sandeen said I think you better leave cause he's going to have a melt down and the longer you stay the worse it'll get. So I turned around and walked out the door as my little P man started to melt and scream bloody murder for me and I just kept that sucked!!

This is before school when he was so excited about his new backpack!

He ran to us so fast when we came to get him!

very excited to show us his painting.

and after me leaving him in a ball of tears he still gave me big 'ol kisses when I came back to get him!

About an hour before school was out I was checking out at walmart when my cell rang... it was the school, you can imagine what was going through my head. "Mrs. Fogle can you please come pick up your son?" "He's been screaming for hours and telling us he hates us" or "Preston took off through the double doors and he's outta here"... Seriously I was afraid to answer the phone, but to my surprise it was just Mrs. Sandeen letting me know he calmed down after about 5 minutes and he's currently having fun on the playground, AWESOME news!!

Then morning two came along and we decided to meet the teacher in front of the school so he couldn't attach himself to us as much as he would if we were to have walked him in. Chris took him alone that morning thinkin he does better for dad, well once again not so much! As Chris was getting him out of the car Preston was screaming for Lexi, he wanted to stay with Lexi (she was getting dropped off next) but all in all he only cried for about a minute, so we're hoping for no crying on Monday! Wishful thinking I'm sure!

I thought a boy would be easier for sure but geez my girls wanted me to leave on their first day, such a difference!

Monday, September 14, 2009

1st Dr. Apt.

Wow Kloes already a week old and I'm so far behind on my blog and to be honest I'll be behind til my family leaves cause I don't want to waste precious time on here!! Although I felt a little guilty so here's a short update on Kloes first outing!!

Getting ready to head to the Dr.

Her little pants would fall right off her when you picked her up!

here she is with the Dr. to confirm what a healthy little cutie she is!

She weighed in at 7lbs 6oz!

Carrying her little naked butt to get weighed!
A great first visit, no pokes, just lovins from Dr Loomis!

We then followed that up with Kloes first day of girl bonding, shopping and lunch!