Wednesday, November 18, 2009

a little catch-up!

The days seem to just run into each other lately as do the months for that matter. There's been PTO meetings, dentist appts, Dr. appt, grocery shopping, parent teacher conferences, Chuck E. Cheese, movie night, sleep overs, play dates and so on! Just everyday things yet some days they seem soooo overwhelming! We haven't seen much of Chris as he leaves before the kids get up in the morning and doesn't get home til way after bedtime! He's building a house in Idaho City which is about a 2 hour drive from home so needless to say his days are loooong especially when your commuting 4 hours! Time is of the essence though as the house needs to be framed in or whatever before they get their big snow which could be any day now! So for now we'll just be thankful that he's got plenty of work and then some and I'll try to be patient and look forward to him having a day off some day...
this is what miss Kloe thinks about having the camera in her face 24/7!

always having someone lovin all over her!

showin off her new beanie!

and her adorable jammies!

Tuesday morning me, Lilly and Kloe went shopping while the others were at school and Lilly insisted on this adorable purple tree for their room!

who could resist this cute thing?!?

it was a long day for Lilly since I made her wait til Lexi got home to set it up!

and Klo bears just hung out on Lexi's bed watching them decorate!

starting to get cold enough for some winter gear!

our sweet, sweet girl.

the kids' cousin Riley slept over for the first time, 6 years old and he's finally warming up to us, lol!

they thought I was pretty neat for making mac and cheese and pizza rolls AND letting them eat it in the girls' room while watching the new Christmas Dora!

these pics crack me up, one night I let the kids stay up and wait for Chris. I had went and got him some new hats earlier that day, so the minute he walked through the door preston insisted on him trying them all on and digging out his old one so they could match. Then Preston wanted a pic so he could say cheese in his matching hat, Chris started making these "serious" faces and we were dieing watching Preston try to copy him. I'm sure it was one of those "had to be there" moments!

last Wednesday we went to a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese

Chris surprised the kids by meeting us there! They were getting their grove on with "the band", Preston was dancing all over the place!

and I think the 10 minutes Kloe was awake she enjoyed herself with all the bright lights!

So there's some of our highlights, now next to come is girls night out tomorrow, then I'll make my way home sometime in weeee hours Friday morning after indulging in some Edward on the big screen!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Veterans's Day!

Wednesday Lexi's school had a Veteran's Day Assembly! I've been hearing patriotic songs out of her mouth for weeks as they practiced, so it was fun to get to watch the finished product! The whole school did amazing and it was a little emotional seeing how proud they all were and witnessing the whole school do the pledge, I'm so grateful they haven't taken that away from my kids!!

(she just told me she was trying to find me, so she was distracted,lol)

They had such an awesome turn out the gym was packed!

Grades K-5 and the High School Choir even came to sing!

I'm so glad I got to come and watch you Lexi (and Riley!) Great job!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Such cute faces!

Klo-bear if you only knew right now how much we all adore you...

Your smile melts each and every one of us...

We sit and gawk at you for hours, then burst with excitement, like kids in candy shops when you finally let out one of these smiles!

Your tiny little self brings such happiness to our little family.

we all wish you could stay this small forever...

you make our home so cozy!

there's nothing like having a sweet baby sleeping all warm and cozy in her swing!

even your ten tiny, cute little toes make us smile.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween 2009!

Halloween, Halloween, Halloween...
Since this year it fell on a Saturday it meant no laying around being lazy all day(for me!), then spending hours getting all the kids make-up, hair and costumes all ready for the BIG night, because this year we were Super smart and had Lilly's Birthday party that same day! I started my lovely Saturday morning at 6am, decorated til 11:30, got kids and self ready, partied from 12:30 til 4:30ish, then rushed home to throw costumes on to get to the D.A.R.E Halloween thing by 5:45! I seriously can't believe how well everyone did considering it had been a LONG exciting non stop day! I'm so glad Chris was home this year, 2 extra hands were definitely appreciated! He's great a making sure everyone has what they need to have, go where we need to go, get where we need to get, have what we need to have (yes I'm being repetitive cause that's what it's like on a crazy day with 4 kids!)... he does great under pressure! Anyway all in all a super fun day/night and the kids made out with quite the candy stash!

Our scary witch Lexi, we LoVeD her costume this year, so happy she "stepped out of her box" and was something besides a princess!

and our beautiful little flower, Kloe

Our Witch, Flower, Batman and Snow White!

Our darling Snow White!

this was the last house we hit, when the kids willing said we're DONE!! Woohoo, that has never happened before!

Sweet little Kloe just stayed nice and warm all snuggled in her seat!

Here's to already discussing costumes for 2010, seriously children?!?

Monday, November 2, 2009

Our Lilly pie is 5!!

Lilly celebrated her 5th birthday this year by having a carnival party!! Everything turned out fantastic, all the kids "ran" for hours!

it was everything I had envisioned!

Fun, colorful, candy and games!

totally speechless!

girl talk!

we had a ring toss, ping pong gold fish game, bean bag toss, knock the cans, darts, pin the tail on the donkey and because we were all having too much fun we forgot to play the sack race and throwing pies trying to hit the face game!

also face painting!

Balloon balls, so fun!!

my Birthday girl!

good friends and food!

this is Lilly's plate of "food" she made for herself!

some of the kiddos!

he had a complete blast!

We even had darts!

Lexi at the ring toss!


jumping fun!

Yay! Cotton Candy!!!

enjoying some sugar and the tramp!

Sooo many presents!

Kloe woke up just in time for some cotton candy :)

makin her Birthday wish!
WoW what a party!! Total bast but glad it's over, it consumed my every thought for the last month!