Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Stranger Danger!

So obviously we haven't taught our kids enough about stranger danger because Lexi apparently thinks it's ok to let people in our house while moms down stairs! So I'm down stairs cleaning, got the radio going thinking Chris is upstairs so I don't have to worry about whats going on up there, I guess I was WRONG! Lexi comes down and is like mom our neighbor lady is here, me ok wheres your dad? Lexi- " He's outside", ok whatever back to cleaning, thinking well of coarse she's talking to Chris out front! Then Lexi says mom she's in the living room, ok, weird, so I go running upstairs to find this lady that I have never scene before standing right inside the door! Her first words are ohh they're so cute, do you ever feel the stress of being a mother? lol, Ummm No( yeah right!!), she then says wow you must read and learn from the bible, your a saint, yeah at that point I was pretty sure she was a Jehovah Witness (sp?) so I then nicely tell her that we're Mormon and she then says oh I can tell and leaves,lol! So right about then I was feeling the stresses of being a mother as I'm asking Lexi what the heck was she thinking opening the door for ANYONE and then letting them come in!! Umm yeah I totally thought she knew better, so then my next mission is to go give Chris the wrath of Nichole because yeah where was he when I thought he was watching the kids? Out front cleaning his truck, so then I was super ticked cause I just knew he was trying to get out of talking to the Jehovah Witness and was going to let me deal with them,lol, although he swears he didn't see her walk up, yeah suurreee Chris!! By the way he's totally sticking to his story,lol! So yeah this is kinda a boring story but the part that cracks me up now is the whole "do you ever feel the stresses of being a mother" question, are you kidding me lady?!? My kids just answered the door, let you in, they're running around in either jammies or diapers, then you see me in awful sweats with a greasy ponytail on top of my head, no makeup, with probably the look of horror when I saw you standing in my living room, No stresses here,lol!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Diapers... Is there an end in sight?!?

I *think* we're moving on to the next step with our baby boy :( He has just decided this weekend he wants to hop on the potty. Now don't get me wrong not having to change diapers would be great but seriously I don't know how much I can take in one month from my little man getting so grown up! First of all he has switched to a toddler bed and absolutely loves it, I mean that change alone was huge for us, this is the first time in 5 years that we don't have a crib in our house, crazy!! He's also turned into quite the chatter box and now this whole potty thing, geez where's my baby?!? So because I take pictures of everything, here's some of my little man hitting some milestones ( I'm pretty sure he's going to hate me one day for these!)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Well here we are! Woot Woot!

Well we have finally made our way over to blogger land! I can't promise ours will be too interesting but we do live in a house of pure chaos so there's bond to be some funny posts! I'm pretty sure I'll waste too many hours the next few days trying to figure out how to make my page all spiffy so bare with me and my boring page for now, it'll get better, promise!