Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall 2010 Field Trips!

I have been lucky enough to tag along on a few field trips this last week! Lilly's whole Kindergarten class got to go to Linder Farms ( click on that link and check out their corn maze, just another crazed Bronco fan for sure!!) which has been our favorite Pumpkin Patch thus far in Idaho!

Of course it decided to be windy that day...

The hay ride out to the patch...

Lilly and her 2 best buds (her words!)

getting ready to go through the corn maze!

and her perfect little pumpkin, the rules were they could only pick one that they could carry all the way back to the bus!

It was a fun day spending some time with Lilly!

Now on to Prestons trip...

Preston and the rest of his pre-school class got to take a little field trip to this mans ranch, SYMMS Fruit Ranch. We drove up to the plant where he boarded the bus and pointed the way to one little amazing spot where the kids could pick Apples to their hearts content! I could have watched the whole experience for hours, you could just see the utter joy in his eyes watching all these "youngsters" enjoying his Ranch and loving every question they had for him!

Picking away...

My favorite picture of the day!


Ohhh how I love this time of year!!