Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Rafting 2010

Chris and I got to sneak off without the kids one Friday afternoon to hit the river!! It was a blast as usual and even funnier with a few of the "newbies" that had never gone before!

Here's my Uncle who was visiting from AZ, who had never been on a kayak!

My other Uncle who's the "pro" out of us all!

and our good friend Dave!

I'm pretty sure everyone laughed til they cried when they saw this pic, we all know Daves hilarious but man this was some funny stuff!!


us girls playing it safe on the raft!

What a fun day! Can't wait to go again!

BBQ's are good for the soul!

It's no secret I love me some BBQs...

the being outside...

the food...

my babies in the water...

awesome weather...

and great company!

Dads home/ Fathers day!

Chris got home the Friday evening before Fathers Day and surprised the kids when they walked through the door from swimming lessons with lots of loving and new bikes!

He was there all of 20 minutes after a 16 hour drive when he loaded everyone up and their new bikes and took them down to the school to ride around the track!

Saturday the Farrells had an "Oscar Mayer" bbq...Preston enjoying annoying everyone (I'm sure!) with his wiener mobile whistle!

I just love this's the kids' gifts to Chris for Fathers Day, they each picked out their own bag and it just speaks volumes! Lilly's is the trophy bag and she truly believes he can do anything and is the best at it, Prestons...well anything that he loves he absolutely thinks Chris will love it too and Lexi's just fits her perfect, a daddy's girl!

Fathers Day morning we got up and headed downtown to a car show, seems like a guy/dad thing to do!

Just Chris and his shadow!

Chris and Justin in Justins hot rod!

after the car show we some how headed to Toys R Us...

There's always room for another Buzz at our house!

annoying singing Barbies not so much, but that's what the Lilly wanted!
It was a great weekend and boy are we sure eating up every second of Chris being home!

these are our so happy dads home faces!

9 mos.

Just marking our 9 awesome months we've had with our Kloe!

Just like all our other kids she's basically in the 95% in all her areas....growing like a weed for sure!

She hit her 22 mark which is where she outgrows her baby seat and now needs a big girls car seat :(
( she's now 10 mos., yesterday and I have yet to decided on one....bad I know!)