Thursday, April 22, 2010

Zoo weather!

A few weeks ago my brother got to visit for about a week and since it had finally warmed up we took advantage of the weather and headed to the zoo, the place we completely feel at home ;)

Lilly got these pretty scrapped up knees about 5 minutes into our visit, she just couldn't get to the monkeys fast enough!

me and Lexi!

The girls -1!

Rhett, Lexi and Lilly!

The penguins were loving the weather and put on quite a show for everyone!

Kloe was such a good girl as usual and let us pose her where ever we wanted without a fuss!

Kloe and Uncle Rhett!

Kloe got to go down her first slide and Chris got some nice elbow burns!

It was a fun visit with Rhett and a nice way to kick off the Summer!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lilly's gardening skillz.

The weather has been amazing the last 2 weeks and my Lilly has the planting bug...

She has been asking for the last month when she was going to be able to "garden"

so she was one happy girl when she got the go ahead Wednesday morning!

I even pitched in cleaning out all the flower beds...

then it was time for lunch and a little cartoon time, she normally does not suck her thumb but I had to snatch a pic cause it was so cute!

for a few minutes anyway then Kloe was up and ready to go so.....that got Lilly in the mood for more planting!

She convinced Chris to help her garden her seeds, the seeds shes been coveting for the last 2 months.

She worked hard, planting every single seed separately in their own tiny little hole!

little does she know the minute she came inside it was like a squirrel buffet out there, I'm pretty sure there's nothing left... So I will be planting some grown flowers there in the next few weeks so she's not completely heartbroken!

The little things...

Since Lexi started the 1st grade she noticed the number of kids that are "walkers" everyday and for that matter she has also noticed the number of kids who ride the bus...she's in the "group" of kids that get rides so of course she has asked pretty much everyday when she'll be able to be a walker. I'm pretty sure she dreams about walking home! I cringe at the thought, I see these tiny kids walking everyday and it's like nails on a chalkboard to me, I just want to follow them home to make sure they make it. Anyway I'm well aware I could walk her but lets be honest here, that sounds like no fun to me with all of the kids! So her wish finally came true when Chris surprised her at school Wednesday and walked her happy little self all the way home!

I had to be all creepy standing on the porch with my camera all the way zoomed so I could capture her first walking home experience!

needless to say she thought she was cool

and that dad was even cooler for finally letting her do it!
I like being brought back to reality and remembering it truly is the little things that matter the most and probably the best memories they'll remember when they're all grown up!

Friday, April 9, 2010

making memories

A few Mondays ago Chris and Preston decided to tackle building a club house!

this boy was determined, he hauled wood, told everyone at Home Depot that he had a roof to build...

he measured measured and measured....

made lots of "checks" with his pencils all over the wood..

He literally did not leave Chris' side from 10am til 9:30pm

he wouldn't even stop for lunch, they even worked through the rain and wind!

By 10 o clock that night as he dragged his beyond dirty self to the tub he was one happy little man having completed his club house! I'm so proud of him for sticking with it ALLLL day!

Now they're spewing with ideas of add ons, decks, bridges to a girls "castle" and I'm loving every second of it. Isn't this what every little boy dreams of?

{guess I need to get a finished pic!}

{ a month late}
It's amazing what 4 years will do to ya....

a tiny 6lbs. 9oz.

now a strapping 44.4 lbs and 41 3/4 in. tall.

His favorite color is: BLUE
favorite toy is: BatMAN
favorite tv show is: Ben 10
favorite movie: Toy Story
Favorite food: Mac & cheese
favorite take out: Mc Donald's chicken nugget Happy meal with Chocolate milk
favorite song: Who let the Dogs out/ Ima be IMA BE ima ima ima be...
favorite friend: Connor G.
favorite bus driver: RON
favorite thing at school: playing on the slide
favorite person: hands down DAD