Saturday, May 29, 2010

2nd grade here she comes!

Lexi's last week of school was filled with all sorts of fun activities, field day, cup stacking competition, 4th quarter awards,class parties, field trips and lots hugs goodbye for the summer!
Lexi and her friends at Zoo Boise!! I'm so bummed I missed it but Prestons last day of school was also that day so he needed me a little bit more :)

Lexi and all her besties!!
apparently she thought she needed to steal some poor kids hat cause her mom neglects her so bad and forgot to send her with one!

Lexi and Effie!

My future Wilson Wolverine!

Sack race!

Preston and Lilly killing time with the jump ropes!

This is Lexi's best friend holding a sign that said GO LEXI!!! for the cup stacking comp. Her whole class had signs for her and another boy that was competing from her class!

The kids had practiced for weeks in P.E. then they took the "best" girl and boy from each class and they got to be in the competition in front of the whole school! When Lexi knew she got picked for her class she went in early before school everyday to practice!

I was so proud of her for doing this, I had NO idea how intense this was going to be. The whole school cheering all the kids on, it sounded like a state football game in that gym! Here they are checking her time!

She didn't win but she's for sure a little winner to me!

Lexi brought home an EXCELLENT report card Thursday which officially wraps up another school year for her! She'll be spreading her wings into the 2nd grade come Fall!!! I can't wait to see what the next year brings, we'll have 3 kids in school, I'm now PTO secretary and Wilson has become a second home, which I absolutely love! I hope my kids never get sick of me being at their schools!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

8 months.

Those blue eyes just melt me every.single.time.

she loves to pull off her socks and sucks on them, niiice...

finally a good pic of her bottom 2 teeth and she's also got 1&1/2 teeth poking through up top!

She's officially the shoe monster, no ones shoes are safe around here anymore!

7 Months.

My baby girl growing too fast!

Shes ahead on everything...Shes officially in her crib and out of her bassinet cause she decided that it's fun to stand up in it, she walks along the furniture, pulls herself up on EVERYTHING
:(.............. Her Dr. was prepared to talk about not leaving her on beds anymore cause she should be rolling over real good now and so on, yeah we passed that stage months ago!
Lilly patiently waiting to get the heck out of there! If we stay too long they may want to give her some pokes too ;)

A Lexi Moment.

Lexi's school had an assembly where she was awarded a certificate in reading! She was very excited that Rhett got to be there to see this!

It's been crazy seeing how much she has learned to do this year! I swear I wasn't doing the stuff their doing til the end of second grade, but just like everything else times are a changing!!

I only got to be there for half of the assembly and of course missed her getting her actual award (Kloe had a Dr. appt.) !
That's my girl!