Thursday, July 23, 2009

Movies, shopping, Rock stars and DR. PEPPER!!

Last week Lexi and I had a little mom and daughter trip to the movies! We went to see Hannah Montana, don't know if she quite got the "story" but I think she had fun none the less! I do know she could hardly contain herself from dancing when there was music!

How do ya like them blue crushed velvet seats?? Since H.M. has been out for a while the only place it was playing was at the "cheap" movie theater, so ya get what you pay for,lol

Preston showing off his shirt from Greece!! Thanks Auntie Shelby!

We were all counting down the days til the Farrell's Mama Mia Sing Star came in the mail! So when it finally did me and Lexi snuck over there for an evening into the night sing fest!

They had so much fun!

The night before we all went over there to become rockstars for a night!

Then it was Lilly's turn for a day out with me (well and melanie and Riley)! We did all sorts of running/shopping around, ate some yummy Idaho Pizza and got Sno Cones from the Sno Shack!!

Showing off her new shades!

Awwwww Heaven!!! This week at Albertsons they're having a Crazy Dr. Pepper deal, 4 12pks for .58 after tax $1.22 I can't even express my happiness about this, I know I know I shouldn't have this crazy amount of soda in my home but seriously I know I'll be buying it anyway one 12 pk. at a time for probably close to 4 bucks a pop! So in other words I am stocking up BIG time!! So far I've go 32 12pks. and I've spent 9.76!! Also you always need soda for parties and we are entering our months of never ending Birthday parties and Holiday gatherings, whatever I have to tell myself right???

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bargain High!

It's been a while since I've had a great bargain week, I've been quite burnt out on the coupon thing. Although when deals like these come along it makes me get back in the "game" full force!


This pile here my friends is $435.90 worth of retail goods from Kohls. Could you even imagine paying that??? Me either, that's why my grand total for 7 shirts, 3 baby outfits, 2 pairs of shoes, 1 Preston shirt, 1 pk. of undies, 1 pk. of under shirts, 2 camp rock purses, 1 Hannah Montana backpack, 1 pack of bracelets, 3 pks. of socks, 3 hat and mitten sets, 1 thing of make-up and 3 jammie sets is....................................................... $14.00

I made 3.50 off this Albertsons trip!!




24.00 comparing to the other deals it seems a tad high but I believe it averages somewhere around .66 an item!


Albertsons and Kohls you've been great to me this week! Thank you!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

She's in love...

with the Lion...
now I've known for a while Mr. Cullen makes my little girls heart skip a beat, she loves his *glistening* skin and think he's dreamy ( her words, not mine!)... I was still shocked when I walked into my room the other day to her ripping out all the Twilight pictures out of my sleazy, guilty pleasure Life & Style magazine!!
I literally turned around walked away to go meet Chris as he was walking through the door from work, in total shock I told him what our "baby" was doing and he just laughed. Til she came in and sat right in front of him and started cutting ever so carefully around all the Edward pics that she had just ripped out! I think his face says it all in this pic!
Yes! Chris she really did just do that!
Saturday Melanie and I took the kids to go play in the fountain down town! It was perfect, nobody was there but us and the kids had a blast!

P man!

At first Lexi didn't want to get her hair wet so she sat with Kolbi and watched from a safe distance!
then we stopped off at the gas station, grabbed some hot dogs and headed to the park!

It was a great day!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Our last week at my moms!

The last week at my moms went by crazy fast and was a total blast! It started with a day full of shopping (imagine that!) to help the hours go by quickly as we anticipated my sisters arrival back from Europe!!

My crazy girls wanted to take these cute little girls and puppy home with them!

Lexi at the airport waiting for Aunt Shelby!

Me and my Lilly killing time waiting...

Shelby with her "home stay" daughter!

and she finally made it after a 5 hour delay in Germany and a 5 hour layover in Denver, not counting the other 20 hrs on the plane!

She definitely had the time of her life, she said it was THE BEST! I can't even begin to list all the awesome things she got to do, pretty much everything any tourist would want to see, she did it! Plus she got the opportunity to stay with a local family for 3 days (they spoke NO English, she ONLY speaks English!) so she also got to get a bit more insight to what a normal day is like over there!!

Then we last minute decided to stay and extra day for the 4th!!

Here's my crazy little family, minus 2 brothers (missed you guys!)!

I was so worried that the kids would burn themselves with the sparklers but in the end I was the only one who got burned, smart I know!

Lilly LOVED the fireworks!

Earlier that day we all went and fed some horses, the girls could have stayed there all day with them.


then we took the kids to the national park where they became Junior Rangers!
Here's Preston getting his button!

Lilly getting hers!

and Lexi after she earned her badge!
What a fun 4th we had!!
Thanks mom for everything, we had a great month there!!