Tuesday, July 26, 2011


This was Lilly and Prestons first year at giving T-ball a shot! I really enjoyed watching them play 2 games a week and hey by the last 2 games they were really figuring out what they were actually doing!

I think by far both of them loved "pitching" the best!

that is unless they were batting!

Lilly running to 1st!

On her way to play some ball!

Kloe enjoying some freedom outside her stroller!

The 2011 Braves!

Some lunch after pictures with some of the team!


Their last game.

Ice cream party at the Coach's house!

can we say sugar high?

Preston getting his certificate!

What a great season! I'm so glad that my kids enjoy sports so far! It may cause for a hectic schedule but I do really love every second of it!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Just "few" pictures of the last month of school and beginning of SUMMER!!

Tackling climbing and streaking for the first time..

The kids with their "Mario" mustaches.

The kids had a blast at their friend Conners Birthday! We finally got to check out the new play place "Jabbers", so cute!

Yummy Cinnamon streusel teacher treats!

Lexi on her end of the year field trip to "Deer Flats Refuge"

Lilly at her Graduation! We are so proud of our Lilly and can't get enough of her zest for life! She had a fabulous school year and is counting down the days to tackle the big 1st. grade!

Our P-man has completed his journey with Pre-school! He had a great 2 years with Mrs. Sandeen as she prepared him for his debut to Kindy but if you ask him right now he'll tell you " I hate Kindergarten and I want to stay in pre-school forever". The first day of school shall be interesting!

spending endless hours @ the park...

The kids learning about wildlife @ the refuge!

Movies @ the park with friends!

Kloe passed out at her first ever "daycare" experience.

Summer lunch @ the park with friends!

Someone may or may not have gotten sick after 20 tire swing rides...happy to report it wasn't one of mine though!

Preston lost his 1st tooth!!

enjoying another great B-day party...

Easter 2011

This year it pretty much felt like we celebrated for a week straight...

Lilly @ the Farrells Easter day!


Preston, Lilly, Tori and Lexi

Preston and I getting ready to head to the Farrells!

Egg time with the Gigrays!

Egg hunt in Notus with the Gigrays!

Nico, Connor and Lilly!

Egg hunt at the Smith's!

Preston and his loot!

Our brave friend Erin who hosted all of us and our crazy kids!

Just another great Holiday full of memories!