Tuesday, July 26, 2011


This was Lilly and Prestons first year at giving T-ball a shot! I really enjoyed watching them play 2 games a week and hey by the last 2 games they were really figuring out what they were actually doing!

I think by far both of them loved "pitching" the best!

that is unless they were batting!

Lilly running to 1st!

On her way to play some ball!

Kloe enjoying some freedom outside her stroller!

The 2011 Braves!

Some lunch after pictures with some of the team!


Their last game.

Ice cream party at the Coach's house!

can we say sugar high?

Preston getting his certificate!

What a great season! I'm so glad that my kids enjoy sports so far! It may cause for a hectic schedule but I do really love every second of it!

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